Are All These Doctor Visits Necessary? Deciding which medical procedures you can omit depends on your health and your goals. In my defense, I hoped for solutions to the aging-related problems she suffers from. But she wants these appointments to stop, and she has a point.

The geriatrician said my mom was relatively healthy for a 90-year-old woman. He recommended she take a daily vitamin with iron, vitamin D and calcium. Getting hearing aids was necessary, too. So were more trips to the Center for the Aging Brain.

Do You Really Need a Colonoscopy at 80 or 90? "This is not a one-size-fits-all yes or no answer," says Dr. Suneet Singh. "Do you have a history of cancer?" he continued. "A colonoscopy can screen for polyps"

Most colonoscopies are benign, but some can eventually become cancerous. Early detection is when cancer treatments work best. "I also talk to them about their goals in life," Singh says. "If you're in your eighties and nineties, in good health and want to see your granddaughter walk down the aisle, then yes, maybe you do get that colonoscopy"

Colonoscopies could prevent death from colon cancer in patients with life expectancy of greater than ten years. For older patients in excellent health who are expected to live 10 years or longer, a colonoscopy "will likely bring more benefit than harm," says Dr. Eric Chyn.
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