Lauren Pazienza, 27, is charged with manslaughter in the killing of Barbara Maier Gustern. Ms. Gustern, an 87-year-old vocal coach, was pushed on a sidewalk on March 10 on West 28th Street. One tabloid headline called her: “Granny Shover”

“The only reason bail wasn’t set was because there were three rows of press,” Mr. Aidala told a panel of appellate judges. He implied that the trial judge who had revoked the initially-agreed-upon bail amount of $500,000 wanted to look tough.

Ms. Pazienza’s grandparents would agree to a payment plan that would leverage their combined savings and pensions. They could not afford Mr. Aidala's $950-per-hour standard rate, but told him that they and Ms. PZienza's grandparents would agreed to a deal. To try to persuade the appellate judges to reconsider giving her bail, Mr. aidala painted a different picture.

“Media cases” are Mr. Aidala’s specialty. He has emerged as the go-to legal defender of those deemed wretched by media headlines. “Arthur cancels ‘cancel culture,’” said Geraldo Rivera, a host and correspondent for Fox News.

Mr. Aidala knows everyone in the New York legal world, including “the people who can let you out of the back door of the courthouse to avoid the press,” a friend says. “He has no patience for it, and he ignores it.”
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