As a community, it is good to talk about how Crypto has affected our mental wellbeing. E.g: Have you overextended your finances? Has excessive checking of charts burned you out? Have you been feeling the compulsion to 'gamble' on margin in an irresponsible way? Are you finding it hard to talk to your partner/family about your financial situation?

The National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700. Call: 800-522 -4700 or text: 800 -522- 4700. Go for a walk, spend time away from screens, breathe, drink water and get some exercise. The core point is investing in solid projects.

I was 27 some weeks back now I feel 69. I'm still doing pretty well. I hope I can manage to do the same and no longer worry about the money that I invested. I've cut my social life only to talk to strangers on a online forum about digital money. What a world.

I've never been so sad about my gains. Still, being more informed will win out in the long run. Your friend could easily YOLO into the next Squid Game. Thats not a nice friend to have. You’ll beat him next time, look for the next opportunity.
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