New York Times staffers revolt, push holiday weekend boycott of its Wirecutter service. Staffers for the NYT's e-commerce site are on strike through Monday. The Times published an article Thursday on the "75+ Best Early Black Friday Deals for 2021" However, when the Times shared the article on Twitter, the paper faced significant blowback.

Wirecutter employees are on strike today. Clicking on any wirecutter links from today through Black Friday is crossing the picket line. "I’m supporting my coworkers at Wirecutter, who are striking this weekend," Times tech reporter Kate Conger expressed.

"In solidarity, boycott the website," Times breaking news reporter Isabella Grullón Paz wrote. "Don't use Wirecutter this weekend while they strike," another reporter said. "The audacity of NYT execs to refuse to bargain with Wirecutters," another wrote.
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