Lufthansa was forced to operate ghost flights to maintain slots during the crisis. Ryanair also operated ghost flights during the height of the crisis to keep aircraft and crew ready for flight. This morning, Ryanair proudly proclaimed that it had solved Lufhansa’s ghost flight problem.

Last week the Lufthansa Group revealed that the reintroduction of use it or lose it slot rules meant that it would need to fly 18,000 flights with no passengers to maintain its slots. Thankfully, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary has the answer for his least favorite airline group.

Lufthansa has previously called Ryanair’s €5 fares irresponsible. O’Leary has compared the German flag carrier to a “drunk uncle at a wedding,” sucking up state aid like champagne from the bottom of empty glasses. Ryanair ran its own system of ghost flights at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

The Irish carrier kept most of its fleet active by flying circuits around bases with each every few days. This meant that the aircraft didn't need to enter a state of storage. It also meant the airline’s pilots remained current. It was revealed by Simple Flying in March 2020, the Irish flag carrier's fleet was to be retired.
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