"I literally would not have enough money to buy groceries, pay for electricity, internet, and everything else this past month without crypto," says user. "I just wanted to share my experience because I read a lot of posts and comments about cryptocurrency that make it sound like it's a far-off technology that's years away from being usable"

I've been able to save around $150/month in the past half year because I started getting paid in crypto (XRP) It's been a rough few months for me because my income dropped massively when a couple projects ended. I was forced to dip into my emergency savings for the year to cover bills for our household. This emergency fund was 100% funded by crypto.

$150 here is worth around 3 weeks of groceries for a household of 5 people. Before that, a HUGE chunk of my income was reduced by Paypal transaction fees, conversion fees, and bank fees. Now I avoid all that by paying for bills and groceries directly from the app wallet where I receive XRP.

I know most of us here are focused on making money from crypto, but saving money is also another perspective that has been the biggest impact for me personally. I live in a developed country, but the crypto is here for the better too. We would like to see the positive impacts on billions of people living in the world.
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