Microsoft has earned plaudits for its successful pivot from desktop computing to cloud computing. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1975 at the dawn of the personal computer era to make PC operating system software. The company's Windows operating system came to dominate the PC landscape. Many investors may be wondering: Is Microsoft stock a buy right now?

Microsoft has been expanding into cloud computing. The company has also expanded into video games and cloud services. Microsoft is also working on a new version of the Windows operating system called Windows 8. The software is expected to be available by the end of the year, according to the company's website.

Microsoft announced price increases for its Office 365 commercial cloud product suites. Microsoft also announced a partnership with Qualcomm to develop lightweight augmented-reality glasses. The company is also working on a virtual reality headset called Microsoft Hololens, which will be available later this year. Microsoft is also developing a virtual-reality headset called the Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset.

Microsoft stock surged 4.7% over two days on the news. On July 14, Microsoft unveiled Windows 365, a service that brings its Windows operating system to the cloud. MSFT stock advanced 0.5% that day. On June 24, Microsoft introduced its Windows 11 personal computer operating system.
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