Billie Webb is a TikToker who filmed herself taking part in van life last year. Now she has raffled off her van to live in a 2015 Mazda, blaming soaring gas prices. Webb, who makes about $4,000 a month from brand deals, has ordered a Tesla Model 3.

Billie Webb is a TikToker and content creator who has been travelling on the road for the last year. Webb moved to her van as restrictions eased last year, citing steep rental costs and low pay in the various odd jobs she was previously working. Webb has now raffled off her van for $6 a ticket, selling nearly 2,900 in total.

Van life has become more popular following the pandemic and rising rents and property prices. But it has backfired for some, with one nomad telling Insider that she became homeless after attempting to live in her van. She quit van life as gas prices soared, with her Chevy running at seven to 10 miles a gallon and costing her more than $100 to fill up.

Webb makes about $1,500 from each brand deal she signs for her TikTok channel. She'll typically do two or three per month focusing on car accessories. The TikToker has also been able to get rid of her car, credit card and student loan debt.

Webb hopes her difficulties will be over when her Tesla Model 3 arrives in September. Tesla's camp mode allows the car to regulate its temperature and airflow overnight. It makes a more natural hotel than her Mazda, and make journeys far cheaper too. "Obviously the gas bill will be much lower or non-existent," she says.
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