This month marks an anniversary of sorts, as it was three years ago that the current bull market got started. Aside from the short, albeit deep, turndown in Feb/March of 2020, when the corona truck hit us, stock markets have been rising steadily since January 2019. Despite the pandemic, the market’s rate of increase was steeper after the short 2020 recession than before it.

The S&P 500 could easily reach the 5,050 milestone. That would translate to a 9% annual gain for the index. Stocks should remain attractively priced, even at increased valuation, given that we’re still (for now) operating in a low interest rate environment.

Connecticut-based ReneSola is a holding company whose subsidiaries work at developing, building, operating, and selling solar-electric power projects in the US and European markets. Raymond James has been following this advice, picking out equities which they believe will win in the current market conditions.

ReneSola is an independent power producer, with more than 173 megawatts of solar power production in operation globally. The company has worked to diversify its approach, including not just solar power project development and electrical power generation, but also the design and building of solar modules.
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