Einstein Merge has triggered a run-up that has brought ETH and other digital assets towards monthly highs. The effects have not ended at the spot market, though. Data shows that it is being felt across the futures markets, where prices have been falling toward all-time lows. ETH futures traded at a slight premium compared to spot prices.

The premium on Ethereum futures is getting larger relative to spot prices. The first was noticed on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange,where the futures were trading at a 5% discount on Monday. It also spread to other crypto exchanges such as FTX, which has also seen a large discount in this regard. This is the lowest that it has ever been.

The CME is also not left out of this as it is seeing the Ether futures trade at a discount to spot prices for the first time since they were launched back in February. All of this has been a long time coming from eh various shutdowns of major platforms across the crypto space. The anticipation around the Merge has further fueled the fire.

Ether prices have risen above $1,800 as investors try to maximize gains. There has been pushback to move from proof of work mechanism to proof of stake mechanism. There have been attempts to split the chain through a hard fork. The hard fork is already receiving backing from notable figures such as Justin Sun.

ETH looks to be mirroring the same trend, it is expected that futures prices will close the gap once the hard forks are implemented. But they had quickly recovered after the hard fork was completed. It is also expected that ETH futures prices are expected to close the Gap once theHardfork is implemented.
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