Disney saw positive news this week when it announced that its streaming service added 7.9 million subscribers, far exceeding analysts' estimates of 4.5 million. The new sign-ups came despite Disney being in conservatives' crosshairs amid its battle with Florida's governor over the state's so-called "don't say gay bill."

The back and forth with Gov. Ron DeSantis has raised the question of whether it represents a one-off battle or a fundamental change in the relationship between corporations and politicians.

In a new interview with Yahoo Finance, U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican, suggested the latter is true and that, more broadly, America's corporations are weighing in on social issues when they should be sticking to their lane while engaging with lawmakers.

“We live in a political world and I think businesses do best when they really focus, at least on their relationship with us, on these key issues of the economy,” he said in response to a question about the relationship between conservatives and businesses.

“I think the new paradigm today is that if businesses are engaged in social issues, they are entering a part of politics fairly new to them and I think there will be pushback from parties, depending on where the businesses stand,” he added, during a wide-ranging conversation on Thursday.

Like all media companies, Disney’s stock has taken a hit in recent months following Netflix’s recent announcement that it has lost subscribers. However, Disney has been a relative winner during the recent tough economic climate.

The battle over the ‘don’t say gay’ law

DeSantis has battled with Disney for weeks now following the company’s stance against a new Florida law that bans the teaching of issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity to kids younger than third grade. The dispute heated up last month when the governor successfully lobbied for the Florida legislature to revoke Disney's...

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