Rents for apartments in Miami have exploded by 57 percent amid an ongoing exodus out of tax, crime and COVID-battered blue states. The median February rent for studios, one-bedrooms and two- beds in the Miami metro area spiked to $2,988 in February.

Only three major metro areas saw median rental hikes of more than 30 percent in the smaller apartment class. Orlando median rents popped by 35 percent year over year while Tampa prices shot up by 31 percent. Austin — which has also seen an influx of COVID-19 refugees — had the fourth-highest median rent increase.

Ron DeSantis has pinned soaring interest in Florida to worsening conditions in blue strongholds. “They tax and regulate so they repel people to leave their state,” he told Fox Radio last month. Soaring crime in cities like New York has also spurred departures.

Florida added 2,715 jobs last year, ahead of both Texas and California. Nearly half of polled Gotham workers said they’ve considered leaving the city. The state’s tech sector has been concentrated in Miami, which has 2,072 jobs.
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