Israel Warns Biden Over Striking Partial Nuclear Deal As Iran Talks To Resume Monday

Nuclear deal talks between Western powers and Iran are hanging by a thread, and are set to resume on Nov.29, but both sides will have cards to play while seeking to gain leverage and concessions from the other, already after severe doubts have been expressed by Biden administration officials that a fully restored JCPOA is possible.

There's been talk that the Biden White House could be content to settle on a partial deal which would involve partial sanctions relief if the Islamic Republic agrees to reverse parts of their nuclear development, particularly recent installation of advanced centrifuges and higher enriched uranium levels. 

Via Reuters

But as a report in Responsible Statecraft underscores if certain milestones are hit, they would be difficult or impossible to reverse, and critics especially in Tel Aviv allege it's all part of Tehran's efforts to obtain a nuke. "Iran has also produced 200 g of uranium metal (UM) from enriched uranium at 19.75 percent level," the report states. 

"If the UM is made of uranium enriched at 90 percent, it can be used in making the core of a nuclear weapon," Responsible Statecraft writes. "But, if the enrichment level is lower, once converted to the UM, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for Iran to convert it back to regular enriched uranium to increase its level of enrichment."

Given this, Israel is now pressing the White House not to all an partial deal to unfold. According to The Wall Street Journal this week: 

"Israel is very concerned that the U.S. is setting the stage for what they call a 'less for less' agreement," a senior Israeli official told The Wall Street Journal. "Such an agreement would be detrimental and would only benefit the Iranian regime…It would be an enormous gift to Iran’s new, radical and IRGC affiliated regime," the senior Israel official said, referring...

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