Fannie Mae conducts a monthly survey on homebuying sentiment. It tracks buyer/seller attitudes on whether its a good time to buy/sell. Given the ongoing surge in prices and the recent surge in rates, the latest results hold few surprises. For instance, price trends, employment, and income all factor into the headline number.

The HSPI only started collecting this data in 2010, so there's no telling if the depths of the crisis would have seen a more severe imbalance. What matters is that homebuying sentiment is in the toilet. If only homeowners would listen to their own advice and list their homes.

76% of consumers say it's a good time to sell. 47% of them think prices will continue to rise over 12 months. 23% of those surveyed say prices will fall over the same period. The majority of Americans think it will be a good year to buy a home.

A near record high number of of respondents continue to say rates are more likely to go up in the next 12 months. All these consumers are really doing is observing what has happened with rates in the recent weeks/months. In other words, it's more a reflection of how rates have been moving as opposed to a thoughtful analysis of how they might move.
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