Fears of a recession have been on the rise recently. Investors have become increasingly concerned that record-high inflation amid the Russia-Ukraine war could slow economic growth. This deepening sense of unease has been reflected in the U.S. government bond market, through what is known as yield curve inversion.

Investors have been selling out of short-dated Treasurys in favor of longer-dated government debt. 2-year bonds yields have risen above the 10-year rate. But economists have stressed that an inversion in bond yields is by no means a guarantee of a recession.

Lawrence says he has found correlations between the completion of the world's tallest buildings and economic crises. Notable examples include the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in New York during the Great Depression. Lawrence: The completion of these skyscrapers tends to "cap off what is a large building boom"

Kuala Lumpa's Merdeka 118 tower was completed at the end of 2021 and is the world's second-tallest building. However, it's not the tall building itself that is the issue but rather when there is a "cluster" of these skyscrapers.
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