The CryptoUnit project announced the upcoming Stage Two and WCRU tokens sales beginning on February 22. Early investors can still take the opportunity to join a revolutionary project.

CEO and prominent investor Andrey Khovratov, who keeps on surprising the crypto community with innovative high-tech projects, in an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, shared his vision for the future of the CryptoUnit project and crypto investment.

Balanced and reliable investment portfolio

CryptoUnit offers an opportunity to its community to become a shareholder of a Global Investment Portfolio, which operates in 20 sectors of the investment market. With 20 years of experience in the investment business, Khovratov highlights that international investment instruments are not as comprehensive as they could be and has introduced his blockchain-based solution, which helps investors worldwide get the highest value.

"My main goal was to create a global investment portfolio, which would be balanced, reliable, and would yield high returns in the future to its investors, and the WCRU token represents such an opportunity. The WCRU token represents a stake in the portfolio," explained Khovratov.

WCRU security tokens (WorldCRU) are digital shares of the Global Investment Portfolio CryptoUnit, issued through an STO (security token offering) procedure, which reflect a proportionately corresponding share in the company and the right to participate in the distribution of profits.

"We consulted with many specialists and created a security token that would reflect the global investment portfolio. I, as an investor, invested in different markets, but there were very few companies that offered a wide range of instruments in the investment market," shares Khovratov.

An investment that brings a constant income

Investing in the WCRU token will guarantee a constant income to the investors. Tokens can be staked on the blockchain to receive passive...

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