Last week three major central banks enacted interest rate increases. For the Federal Reserve, it was a 0.75% hike, the largest bump since 1994. The year-over-year inflation rate had reached a 40+ year high of 8.6%. So, how can investors ride out this hostile environment?

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs has been pointing out stocks that stand to show considerable gains going forward. We’ve used TipRanks' database to sort through some of the Goldman picks, and have found 3 that the firm believes will bring over 40% return over the coming year. Here are the details, along with the Goldman commentary.

Global-e operates an online platform that facilitates direct-to-consumer online commerce in the cross-border markets. The platform allows merchants to smooth out tax and customs differences between sellers and buyers. In May 2021, Global-e raised $431 million in its IPO.

Global-e experienced a rough 1Q22. The company’s EPS, at a 35-cent loss per diluted share, was more than 4x steeper than the year-ago loss. Top line revenue was better, coming in at $76.3 million, up 65% year-over-year.
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