The California Energy Commission has set a goal to deploy 25 gigawatts of offshore floating wind power generation by 2045. The 2030 target is enough electricity to power 3.75 million homes, and the 2045 target is sufficient to power 25 million. California’s AB 525, signed into law in 2021, directed the CEC to “evaluate and quantify the maximum feasible capacity of offshore wind”

CEC staff will next study the economic benefits of offshore wind in relation to seaport investments and workforce development needs. Staff will also create a roadmap to develop a permitting process for offshore wind energy facilities and associated electricity and transmission infrastructure. The entire plan must be submitted to the Legislature by June 2023.

The CEC’s approval of a robust Offshore Wind Planning goal of up to 25 GW by 2045 is a significant moment in the path to develop a national floating offshore wind industry. The long-term certainty of a 2045 goal will help build investor confidence and attract investments in ports, vessels and offshore wind manufacturing facilities.

The federal government has opened up the CA coast to offshore wind and is planning a big offshore wind lease auction which should happen later this year. Before today, the state’s offshore wind targets were 15 GW of installed capacity by 2045 and 20 GW by 2050.
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