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How much do you buy into the whole “color psychology” thing?

That’s probably a dismissive way of putting it, which isn’t my intention. I actually believe there’s something to color psychology, though it’s probably more complicated than some “paint” it to be.

For instance, consider how Western brides wear white. It’s not to symbolize purity like you might have thought all these years. According to a surprisingly interesting piece from, the tradition began not even 200 years ago as a symbol of true love.

As it explains, marriages were mainly “about family, business, and political alliances” for centuries before. And today’s lavish celebrations would have only been thrown by the more affluent.

Though some “rulers in Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece donning white pleated linens for celebrations,” brides would usually just wear their best dress.

“… the [white dress] concept didn’t really become fashionable until Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. ‘If you were showing off your wealth for a wedding, the tradition before Victoria was to be as showy as possible in your fashion,’ says [author Cornelia] Powell. ‘Gold and silver were considered especially opulent.’”

Victoria went all out, it seems, for her coronation three years prior. But for her wedding, she toned it down intensely out of respect for her husband, who would...

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