Checkout technology company Bolt continues to make quick work of attracting new capital. The company announced Friday $355 million in Series E financing to give Bolt an $11 billion valuation, according to sources close to the company.

Bolt’s one-click checkout product aims to give businesses the same technology Amazon has been known for since 1997, and at the same time, incorporates payments and fraud services meant to ensure transactions are real and payments can be accepted. In addition, shoppers can create an account once and then use those credentials across a network of hundreds of Bolt network brands.

This newest raise comes just three months after Bolt took in a sizable $393 million in Series D funding. Including the Series E, Bolt’s total funding to date is nearly $1 billion. The company’s valuation is nearly double what it was at the Series D, Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO, told TechCrunch.

In discussing Bolt’s rise to the $1 billion mark, Breslow explained that the company operates in a space with competitors that are actually worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Depending on the source, that’s companies like Stripe, Shopify and

“It may seem like a lot of money raised, but actually no, this is capital for us to be competitive,” he added. “We don’t just want to be on par with competitors, but be better. The capital will enable us to bring in the best talent, make strategic acquisitions and expand into Europe, which is important to us.”

On the international front, the company got a head start there in November after securing agreements with both Benefit Cosmetics and PrestaShop, and when Bolt made its first-ever acquisition of Tipser, a Swedish-based technology company enabling direct checkout on any digital surface.

“We saw how significant Tipser could be for Bolt,” Breslow said at the time. “They had been perfecting their embedded commerce technology for a decade and were the only formidable...

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