Richard C. Wald was the last managing editor of The New York Herald Tribune. He ran NBC News in the 1970s and helped turn ABC News into a powerhouse. Mr. Wald died on Friday in New Rochelle, N.Y. His son Matthew said the cause was complications of a stroke.

Mr. Wald vetted stories to make sure they met the news division’s standards. He lured David Brinkley from NBC News, where he was unhappy, to host “This Week.” Mr. Aldredge said Mr. Wald elevated ABC News's stature and its journalistic credibility.

Mr. Wald also gave the network’s celebrated late-night news program “Nightline” its name. “He became a key collaborator, particularly when it came to the innards of our business,” Mr. Arledge wrote in “Roone: A Memoir” (2003)

Ted Koppel, the program’s former host, recalled a meeting with Mr. Arledge, Mr. Wald and David Burke. “Dick said, ‘You know something, in horse racing they’ve got this thing called the morning line. Why don’t we call it “Nightline”?’”
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