The International Energy Agency released a 10-point plan today. The world may well be facing its biggest oil supply shock in decades, the IEA said. The plan comes as the world nears peak oil demand season. The IEA was established to secure the globe’s oil supply.

If advanced economies can cut back on their oil habit, they could slash demand by 2.7 million barrels a day within four months. That would be like erasing the demand for oil fromall the cars in China, according to the IEA. “We can also take action on demand to avoid the risk of a crippling oil crunch,” the agency says.

The IEA proposes working from home several times a week to avoid the commute. It also asks public transit operators to reduce their fares to encourage more people to take buses and trains. At the bottom of the list is a suggestion to “Reinforce the adoption” of electric and more efficient vehicles.

When it comes to flying, the IEA recommends taking a train or other modes of transportation instead. While these measures were spurred by the immediate crisis of war, it’s worth getting used to these changes in the long run. After all, oil dependency is making other crises worse.
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