Val Broeksmit, 46, died mysteriously last month in Los Angeles. He wielded his dead stepfather's passwords to reveal Deutsche Bank's role in money laundering and other dealings with Russia and the Trump Organization. The police said they found no sign of trauma or foul play. The medical examiner said the cause remained undetermined.

Mr. Broeksmit was said to have been evicted with his girlfriend from a Los Angeles loft in late March. A refugee from Ukraine, abandoned by his parents when he was 5 to foster care in Chicago and later adopted by his banker stepfather. He evolved into a routine abuser of cocaine and opioids, a credit card fraudster.

Mr. Broeksmit was a capable musician and songwriter. But his bands, the Good Time Charlies and Bikini Robot Army, never had hits. ‘It’s less lonely with an audience,’ he once told me, David Enrich said.

Val Broeksmit became an informer after his stepfather, a senior Deutsche Bank executive, hanged himself in his London flat. He gained access to confidential files incriminating the bank in suspect financial transactions. He is a self-described “comically terrible spy,” according to his Twitter profile.
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