Ergo is a small cap coin that most people probably never heard about. It had a fair launch just like Bitcoin, it's PoW, so now pre-mined coins, no VC behind it for an artificial pump. Ergo's tech and community can give a fight to top10 easily.

Ergo has fast emission, all coins were supposed to be mined, and because it's still one of the top coins to mine, it has a strong selling pressure from miners. Ergo is hard to buy - it's listed on niche CEX like Kucoin and Coinex. Most people find too much effort.

Ergo is building an official legal entity Ergo foundation in Singapour. Dan Fridman from Cardano's IOHK joined the marketing team as a board advisor. Kushti proposed a new emission plan to slow down Ergo's emission from 6 years to about 30 years.

Ergo has successfully launched its first DEX - Next year ergo is going to build bridges to Salana, Binance, and other blockchains. Ergo Foundation's current focus is to bring Ergo on more exchanges - so Binance and Kraken is just a matter of time.
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