German claims-management firm AirHelp analyzed a total of 37,000 cancellations across 400 U.S. airports from May 27 to July 15. The data reveals which airports have been hit the hardest by flight cancellations in the past month. The report was compiled by AirHelp, a German claims- management firm based in Berlin.

About 2.6% of all flights across the U.S. were canceled during the period. New York's LaGuardia Airport and New Jersey's Newark Airport are the worst for cancellations. Washington National Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport and Boston Logan Airport round out the top five.

Friday was the worst day, with 30.51% of flights impacted during the period. Other days that were more likely to experience more cancellations included Friday (3.19%) and Wednesday (2.69%) Tuesday was the best day to fly, with 78.24% coming in on time.
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