As part of Amazon's $1.7 billion acquisition of iRobot, it will be in control of the company's new Robot OS, giving the company detailed maps of users' homes. Those maps could be used to gather even more data about each user. All smart devices would be added to the map, and Amazon will be able to limit which companies can connect to their smart home systems.

iRobot's new operating system will be available to all Amazon devices. It will give the company access to detailed data about users' homes. The system will also be available on other Amazon products like the Eero router. The company has spent $1.7 billion on iRobot so far.

AI-powered operating system will provide Roombas and other devices with a 'cloud-based home understanding' Speaking to The Verge back in May, Angle said the system would be available by the end of the year. Pictured, an example of a clean map report from the new operating system.

In May, iRobot CEO Colin Angle announced that the company was rolling out a new operating system that would allow the vacuums to communicate with other smart devices. 'The idea is an operating system focused on not just activating the features of the robot, but doing so in harmony with what's going on in the home,' Angle said.

'Only through understanding can the core promise of robotics — reaching out and doing physical tasks in the home — actually become manifest,' he says. 'But if I don't know where the kitchen is, and I don’t know what a beer looks like, it really doesn't mater that I understand your words,' he adds.
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