Dinkel's Bakery, a Chicago staple, will be closing for good at the end of the month. Owner Norm Dinkel, who has three children, says none of them wanted to take it over and at age 79, he was ready to retire. Employees confirmed to WGN News that they were informed Tuesday of the closure.

Dinkel’s grandparents, who hailed from Germany, ran the business, then his father, making donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and cakes from scratch. “They probably put me to work when I was in diapers,” Dinkel said. The bakery, located at 3329 North Lincoln Avenue, has served as a home for sweet snacks for generations.

“Bakeries are the heart of the family. That’s just a nice thing to be in,” says one customer. “It’’ says another. ‘I remember coming here as a kid and picking out a coffee cake on Saturday or Sunday mornings.’

Norm Dinkel's donut shop will close on April 30. "I’m going to miss my eating a donut every day,” Dinkel said. “Some of the staples of Chicago that have been here for a really long time.”
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