Six Flags saw a 22% decline in attendance year-over-year. The company's stocks dropped nearly 20% in response to the drop in parkgoers. CEO Selim Bassoul says too many discounts led to 'a cheap day care center for teenagers during breaks and the summer'

The company expects attendance to be down by between 20% and 25% this year. Even with the decline in attendance, the company is reporting an increase in total guest spending up $11.93 to $63.87 per guest. 'We believe our demographic is the average income of the US and I'm migrating a little bit from what I call the Kmart, Walmart [customer] to maybe the target customers,' he said.

Six Flags operates 27 parks in the United States, two in Mexico and one in Montreal, Canada. More than 925 rides and 145 roller coasters and 33 million guests (2019) $1.5 billion of revenue reported in 2019. Six Flags is also looking to improve wait times at its parks.
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