Braden Wallake’s emotional LinkedIn post about having to lay off employees became the talk of social media this past week. Wallake told MarketWatch he was as surprised as anyone that so many people responded to what he shared. “I think I have 22,000 connections on LinkedIn and for most of my posts I get 20 engagements and a couple of comments,” he said.

Wallake says he has received positive and negative feedback. He says he thinks many people have misunderstood the details about his company. His is not a large corporate entity, but an operation with fewer than 20 employees, he noted. “I’m just a small business owner,” he said.

“I wanted them to know that they would be taken care of. I sat there and cried,” he said of the response that led to the initial LinkedIn post. “It’s not like I’ve got a fourth mansion.”

The "crying CEO" said he is suddenly fielding numerous requests from people potentially interested in hiring his company. If his business picks up, he could be in a position to rehire the dismissed employees. “It is a possibility,” Wallake said.
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