Profits Are Not Random. They're How Entrepreneurs Help Allocate Resources Efficiently

In many cultures, profit is seen as the result of individuals exploiting other individuals. Profits, however, have nothing to do with exploitation. Instead, they reflect the actions of...

Capitalism, Socialism and Alienated Man

(This speech was given at Wabash College at a conference on the humane economy by Professor Ralph Raico, August 1964. It was found in the Raico Papers in the Mises Institute archives and has never...

The Sudden Emergence of Tom Paine

At the beginning of 1776, New England was ready for independence. So were such leading radicals as Richard Henry Lee and Patrick Henry of Virginia, Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, and army...

State Department 'bureaucrat': 'I prefer high gas prices' because of less emissions

A State Department official is being criticized on social media after tweeting that he prefers high gas prices because it means less carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Donald Trump to tout Schedule F at Turning Point USA rally

Former President Trump, in remarks prepared for delivery in Florida on Saturday evening, plans to tout his "Schedule F" executive order — and call on Congress to give the president more power to...

Fauci's Retirement Pension Will Exceed President Biden’s Salary

Fauci's Retirement Pension Will Exceed President Biden’s Salary By Adam Andrzejewski, via Open The Books Substack This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of...

Ted Cruz shreds Fauci 'delusions' over his 'I represent science' remark: 'Most dangerous bureaucrat'

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci's 'I represent the science' remarks on Monday's episode of 'Hannity.'

Cotton swipes at Fauci: 'These bureaucrats think that they are the science'

Sen. Tom Cotton  slammed White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci on Monday, likening the top infectious disease expert to a bureaucrat who thinks "they a

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