Thousands of Fish Killed After Burglars Break Into Indoor Fishing Pond

The fish died when burglars cut the power supply to the tank's filtration system.

In Trump's missing texts, an echo of Nixon's 18 minutes

More texts are missing. Last week, America learned that the Pentagon deleted text histories from the cell phones of key officials — including acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller — following the...

Thieves make off with millions in gems, gold

Jewelry thieves struck a heavily-guarded truck outside Los Angeles this month and made off with tens of millions of dollars in gems. The burglars descended on a Brink's Security vehicle in the wee...

Former NBA star Vince Carter's Atlanta home burglarized, nearly $100K stolen

Armed burglars broke into the Atlanta home of retired NBA player Vince Carter while his wife and kids were inside and stole nearly $100,000 in cash over the weekend, according to police.

Burglars hit home of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli in LA and took $1million in jewelry

Loughlin, 57, and Giannulli, 58, were not home during the $1million heist when burglars allegedly broke the bedroom window of the pair's Los Angeles-area home on January 3.

San Francisco suspends cannabis tax to help retailers compete with dealers after store thefts

San Francisco suspends tax on cannabis retailers to help them compete with illegal dealers. looters stole $5million of products from 15 dispensaries in a month. A one per cent to five per cent...

Amazon Ring Floodlight Cam Pro vs. Google Nest Cam with Floodlight

If you're looking for outdoor security measures that not only detect but also deter would-be burglars, floodlight security cameras are a must. But with so many on the market -- including ones from...

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