Will Oscar Voters Even Consider Voting for Will Smith for ‘Emancipation’? “We Have to Allow People to Grow,” “No...

The Hollywood Reporter surveyed dozens of Academy members in the wake of Apple's announcement that it will release Smith's latest film in December, less than a year after his infamous slap of...

Every movie right now, from Amsterdam to Glass Onion, stars a million A-listers

Boy, there are a lot of people in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. | John Wilson / Netflix On the Endgamification of everything. One recent Sunday night, I found myself at the premiere...

Apple releasing Will Smith's 'Emancipation' movie this year after Oscars slap

Apple is set to release Will Smith's "Emancipation" movie at the end of this year after the actor faced backlash for slapping Chris Rock onstage at 2022 Oscars.

Will Smith's first project since Oscars fiasco gets December release date

Will Smith's upcoming film "Emancipation" will be released in theaters on Dec. 2. It's Smith's first project since the Oscars, where he made headlines for slapping host Chris Rock on stage. Smith...

Will Smith returns to the Oscar race with Emancipation after Chris Rock slap

Can Will Smith get another Oscar nomination only a year after the slap? We're about to find out.  Apple TV+ has announced that Emancipation, a new movie starring Smith as a runaway slave, will...

Will Smith's first project since Oscars fiasco gets December release date

"Emancipation" is Smith's first project since the Oscars, where he made headlines for slapping host Chris Rock on stage.

Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ Set For December Release Despite Oscars Slap

It was reported earlier this year that Apple would push the movie to 2023, after Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars and earned a decade-long suspension from the award show.

Will Smith to enter 2023 Oscar race with slavery drama Emancipation

Actor, banned from attending Academy events after Chris Rock slap, will be competing with new thriller, now releasing in December

What to watch in October

Spooky season is here, and October brings us new installments in several iconic horror franchises — not to mention Julia Roberts' triumphant romantic comedy return, a new DC superhero film, and...

Megan Thee Stallion, Miles Teller to host SNL

Live from New York, it's your first set of hosts for Saturday Night Live's new season. SNL has revealed its host and musical guest line-up for the first three weeks of season 48 episodes. Miles...

Sources detail Apple's dilemma over releasing Civil War drama Emancipation starring Will Smith, which cost $120M and...

Apple has a Will Smith problem. Mr. Smith is the star of “Emancipation,” a film set during the Civil War era that Apple envisioned as a surefire Oscar contender when it wrapped filming earlier...

Will Musk Pump Dogecoin on TV Again? He's Invited to Chris Rock's Show

Tesla boss has been invited by comedian Chris Rock to open show, will Musk use his second appearance on TV to pump Dogecoin?

Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle Joke About Will Smith Slap During Comedy Tour

"A lot of people forget who Will Smith is," Chappelle said during a show in Liverpool.

Ezra Miller Compared to Will Smith as 'Dalíland' Movie Goes Ahead

The troubled actor facing a string of allegations is keeping roles yet Smith is banned from returning to the Oscars for 10 years after the Chris Rock incident.

Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister Slams Chris Rock's 'Distasteful' Murder Joke

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister shared a photo of Chris Rock backstage at the Oscars, just moments before the infamous Will Smith slap.

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister slams Chris Rock over joke about her murder

Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister, Tanya, slammed comedian Chris Rock Wednesday over an insensitive joke he made about her sister’s murder.

Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister Calls Out Chris Rock Over O.J. Joke

Chris Rock invoking the late Nicole Brown Simpson didn't land with the public, and it's definitely not landing with her family either -- 'cause he's getting dragged by them.

Chris Rock says he was asked to host the Oscars again

Chris Rock says he was asked to host the Academy Awards next year after he was slapped on stage by fellow actor Will Smith while presenting an award on stage at the ceremony in March.

Chris Rock Under Fire For Nicole Brown Simpson Murder Joke

Chris Rock under fire For Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson Joke.

Chris Rock says he turned down offer to host 2023 Oscars after Will Smith slap

And the 2023 Oscar host won't be Chris Rock. During a recent stand-up show, the comedian told the crowd he declined an offer to host the 2023 Academy Awards in the aftermath of Will Smith slapping...

Chris Rock Confirms He Turned Down Offer To Host Next Year’s Oscars

Chris Rock publicly confirmed this week that, after the infamous slap from Will Smith at least year’s Oscars, he turned down an offer from AMPAS to host next year’s show. The Academy di…

Post-Slap Chris Rock Says He Refused 2023 Oscars Hosting Gig

The comedian compared going back to the awards ceremony to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Chris Rock's Reference to Nicole Brown Simpson Slaying in Oscar Joke Panned

The comedian has continued to make light of the infamous slap. But some observers weren't laughing at a recent joke by Rock.

Chris Rock Says He Declined Invite to Host 2023 Academy Awards (Report)

The comedian says he turned down the Academy's invitation to host next year's ceremony after the infamous incident involving Will Smith at the 2022 show.

Chris Rock says he was asked to host the 2023 Oscars

Rock also claimed he was offered — but turned down — a post-slap Super Bowl commercial.

Chris Rock says he was asked to host the Oscars, likens it to Nicole Brown Simpson going 'back to the restaurant'

Chris Rock revealed during his show on Sunday that the Oscars asked him to host the 2023 telecast — and he declined.

Chris Rock says he turned down hosting 2023 Oscars post-slap

Chris Rock told an audience Sunday that he turned down hosting next year's Oscars after Will Smith struck him onstage at this year's ceremony.

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith spotted together for first time since infamous Chris Rock Oscars slap

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted out for the first time since March when he slapped Chris Rock during the live Academy Awards telecast.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith seen together for the first time since Oscars slap

The sighting comes weeks after Will released his latest apology for slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars due to a joke the comic told at Jada’s expense.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Seen in First Joint Appearance Months After Oscars Slap

Five months after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, the actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted out together in Malibu.

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