Pink diamond expected to fetch more than £20m at Hong Kong auction

Williamson Pink Star is second largest ‘fancy vivid pink’ diamond to ever appear at auctionThe second largest, internally flawless “fancy vivid pink” diamond ever to appear at auction is expected...

Meghan Markle's Palace 'Team Was Aghast' Over Her Tabloid Lawsuit

Meghan Markle sued a U.K. tabloid after ditching Queen Elizabeth II's lawyer in favor of a law firm introduced to her by Elton John, according to a new book.

'Bully' Prince Andrew had a ‘revolving door’ of women entering 'his bedroom,' former royal officer claims

Former royal protection officer Paul Page spoke out about his experience working for Prince Andrew, the disgraced Duke of York and Queen Elizabeth II's favorite son.

UK's Truss stands by 'disruption' agenda despite Tory doubts

U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss pledged Wednesday to ride out the turmoil unleashed by her tax-cutting economic agenda, saying the "disruption" will pay off in a wealthier, more efficient...

Meghan Should Tread 'Carefully' With Royal Bombshells as Podcast Returns

Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" podcast is back after a pause to mourn Queen Elizabeth II—and an expert told Newsweek the climate is still "polarized."

Great Idea To Close The Mall To Motor Traffic As Tribute To Queen, Says Former U.K. Transport Minister

Steven Norris, a former Tory transport minister, has joined calls to close The Mall in London to motor traffic as a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles Not Telling Harry About Queen Dying Before Public Was 'Cruel'

Prince Harry found out about Queen Elizabeth II's death more than three hours after it happened, following the official Buckingham Palace announcement.

In 1st speech as Prince of Wales, William champions wildlife

LONDON (AP) — Prince William delivered his first speech as heir to the British throne at a wildlife protection summit Tuesday, signaling that the royal family will continue to champion...

Britain's new PM off to shaky start as economic turmoil roils

LONDON — Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss faced her first big challenge this week since taking office a month ago, introducing and then retracting a controversial cut in income tax for top...

King Charles III participates in 1st public event since death of queen

King Charles III participated in his first public engagement on Monday since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.  Charles visited Scotland, along with his wife, queen consort Camilla,...

New portrait of King Charles, Prince William, and wives has subtle PDA

Senior members of the royal family rarely put on public displays of affection, an unspoken rule famously followed by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

How Liz Truss plunged the UK to the brink of recession in just one month

The new prime minister began September promising a ‘new era’ for Britain. One economic crisis later, she has deliveredBritain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, has been in office for less than a...

New coin designs for Britain's King Charles III released by the Royal Mint

The 50 pence coin shows King Charles III without a crown and facing left. The coins will be in circulation before the end of the year. Other denominations will be minted featuring the same image...

UK Mint reveals King Charles III coin portrait

The U.K. Royal Mint announced Tuesday that coins bearing the face of the freshly-ascended King Charles III will be trickling into circulation as they are demanded. The Royal Mint explained, "We...

Queen Elizabeth II's cause of death given as 'old age' - BBC News

Queen Elizabeth II died of 'old age,' death certificate says

Queen Elizabeth II's death certificate has been revealed.  Three weeks after her passing, the National Records of Scotland on Thursday released an extract of the queen's death certificate, which...

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age, death certificate shows

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age, her death certificate has revealed.

Queen Elizabeth II's cause of death revealed

The queen's cause of death was old age, according to the Press Association, which cited the queen's death certificate. The late monarch died on Sept. 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland....

Queen Elizabeth II's cause of death confirmed as Scottish authorities publish death certificate

The death certificate published by Scottish authorities says the monarch died at 3:10 p.m. on September 8 in Balmoral Castle, and for the first time, gives the cause.

NFL teams use new rights to jockey for fans, revenue in UK

LONDON (AP) — The “J-E-T-S” chants gave way to British-accented berating of quarterback Joe Flacco at the London sports pub where fans watched the Cincinnati Bengals ease to victory last...

Queen Elizabeth II's Cause of Death Revealed

Queen Elizabeth II's death certificate also confirms the palace told the public more than three hours after the 96-year-old monarch passed away.

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age, death certificate says

Britain's longest reigning monarch died at age 96 earlier this month.

Queen Elizabeth II's Cause of Death Revealed

New details have been released after Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on Sept. 8. Learn Her Majesty’s cause of death below.

Liz Truss's premiership has got off to the worst start possible

Liz Truss's first few weeks as British prime minister have been defined by crisis. She'd barely been in the job 48 hours when news broke that Queen Elizabeth II had died, placing the country in a...

'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' tops ‘Stranger Things’ in Netflix views

As Netflix dives into the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer with its chilling series "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," the show topped "Strangers Things" Season 4 with nearly 197 million...

The Margin: Bank of England will reveal King Charles banknotes by year’s end

King Charles III will begin appearing on British money in mid-2024, but Queen Elizabeth II banknotes will keep circulating until they become worn or damaged

Why Queen Elizabeth II was queen of 15 countries

The Commonwealth, explained. After centuries of colonizing much of the world, the British Empire began its fast descent in the 1960s amid a global wave of independence movements. But when Queen...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Demoted on Royal Website

The royal family's extended mourning period following Queen Elizabeth II's passing has officially ended, meaning changes to royal titles and the royal website are now underway. Prince William and...

Meghan Markle's 'Archetypes' Will Return After Four-Week Hiatus for Queen

Spotify has said that the Duchess of Sussex's podcast will resume following the mourning period for her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

‘The jewel has lost its shine’: how the world reacted to the UK’s pound crisis

The pound fell to its lowest level ever against the dollar on Friday. The shock was focused on the chancellor's willingness to experiment with one of the world's most stable economies. In the US,...

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