Turkish inflation tops 83% as Erdoğan promises more rate cuts

September’s price rises are the worst since president’s ruling party came to power 20 years ago

Turkish president Erdoğan mocks the UK's pound and says the currency has 'blown up', even as the Turkish lira faces...

"They were bragging about the pound on how valuable they are against this and that," said Erdoğan. "But we got the news today that they blew up."

Turkey’s tough talk on Greece fuels Aegean tensions

Erdoğan ramps up hostile rhetoric as Nato allies clash over range of historical disputes

The Wall Street Journal: Saudi Arabia’s ‘MBS’ teams with Russian oligarch and former Chelsea FC owner Abramovich and...

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich accompanied 10 prisoners onto a private jet that took them to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from Russia earlier this week. Abramovich personally accompanied the...

The Wall Street Journal: Saudi Arabia’s ‘MBS’ teams with Russian oligarch and former Chelsea FC owner Abramovich and...

Abramovich said to have played a role as a backchannel to Russia, leveraging personal relationships with both Vladimir Putin and the Saudi crown prince.

Turkish opposition’s alliance against Erdoğan battles rifts

Coalition with big hopes for next year’s polls struggles not to ‘fall apart’ as cracks surface

Orhan Pamuk: ‘Erdoğan cannot curtail anyone’s voice any more’

The Nobel-winning author on Turkey’s strongman president, solidarity with Salman Rushdie — and his new novel about a plague

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 164 of the invasion

Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of strikes at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; Putin and Erdoğan meet; three ships carrying grain depart Ukrainian ports

Putin endorsed by Iran for invasion of Ukraine but clashes with Turkey at summit

Tehran meeting saw discord over Erdoğan’s plan to intervene in Syria but ‘progress’ on shipping Ukrainian grain

Erdoğan: Turkey ‘not positive’ about Sweden and Finland joining Nato

Turkish president says he is following developments as two Nordic nations plan applications

Binance Turkey fined 8M lira for non-compliance against money laundering

The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) found Binance’s Turkey operations guilty of violating laws that intend to prevent the laundering of money acquired through criminal means. Binance...

Turkish Lira sinks to fresh low after Erdoğan insists on interest rate cuts

Erdoğan said the four percentage point cut in interest rates this year to 15% would spur investment, increase job prospects and boost economic growth. But there are concerns that his unorthodox...

Joe Biden meets with Erdoğan ahead of facing the global press on his last day in Rome

President Joe Biden's final full day in Rome for the Group of 20 meeting started with a meeting with the President of Turkey, before he tackled global supply chain issues with other world leaders...

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