I thought I had my training gun. Why did I do this?’ Retired officer charged in library shooting

A retired D.C. police lieutenant has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of a library police officer killed during a training exercise.

Retired police lieutenant charged with involuntary manslaughter in killing of officer

Body From 1980s Homicide Is Found in Barrel at Lake Mead

“It’s really odd in the sense that had the lake never receded, we would never have discovered the body,” a police lieutenant in Las Vegas said, adding that it could also lead to the discovery of...

Markeith Loyd sentenced to death for murder of Orlando police lieutenant

In November, Loyd was found guilty of murder in the death of Clayton, along with aggravated assault and carjacking.

Murdered officer's lieutenant says 'enough is enough,' slams California's 'woke narrative' in eulogy

A Los Angeles police lieutenant ripped into the “woke narrative” fueling an “anti-police climate” in California and prosecutors’ reluctance to hold criminals accountable Wednesday while eulogizing...

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