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Red Ventures, the Biggest Digital Media Company You've Never Heard Of

Red Ventures has turned very specific advice into very big business.

How NSO Became the Company Whose Software Can Spy on the World

The Pegasus project has raised new concerns about the Israeli firm, which is a world leader in the niche surveillance market

The Real OnlyFans Scandal Is the Unaccountable Power of Platforms and Banks

The service has reversed its ban on sexual content, but valid – and legal – forms of expression for sex workers are still under threat, says author Jillian C York

Google Could Pay Apple $15 Billion to Maintain Default iOS Search Engine Status in 2021, Suggests Analyst

It's no secret that Apple and Google have a considerable monetary agreement that ensures Google's position as the default search engine on...

Remembering the Iconic Windows 95 Launch

Rolling Stones, Jay Leno, and simpler times

Vice Begins New Round of Layoffs After Latest Pivot to Video

Vice Media saw yet another round of layoffs Thursday, just weeks after announcing a pivot to video content

All the Most Popular Posts on Facebook Are Plagiarized

Being original on Facebook doesn't pay, according to its own data

The Age of the À La Carte Internet

Enter: Niche products and audiences. Exit: Free and open access to content.

TikTok Creators Turn to YouTube Shorts Amid “Insane” Subscriber Growth

Influencers say the platform, which mimics TikTok features, has given them more opportunity to rapidly build a following and monetize.

Axel Springer to Buy Politico

The acquisition grows the publishing group's portfolio further, adding to its ownership of Insider and Morning Brew.

A Decade and a Half of Instability: The History of Google Messaging Apps

Sixteen years after the launch of Google Talk, Google messaging is still a mess.

The OnlyFans Drama Has Creators Worried About More Than Money

Some sex workers fear losing the tight-knit communities that have helped them through thick and thin.

Roger Federer’s Biggest Legacy? It Might Be His Billion-Dollar Brand

Other tennis superstars have built sponsorship empires. But none ever wooed the corporate class as brilliantly as Federer.

Inside the Plan to Make Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post the Everything Newspaper

The Post has a new executive editor—Sally Buzbee, the first woman to top the masthead—and visions of becoming the world’s go-to news outlet. The story of the search for Buzbee, and the future at...

Hulu: Looming Content Crisis Puts Pressure on Need for Original Hits

What, exactly, is Hulu? For years, its core brand identity in a nutshell has been: Watch the TV you know and love, streamed over the internet. Right now, analysts say, Hulu’s biggest advantage in t…

Chart: Apple's Share Price Grew More Than Tenfold Under Tim Cook

On YouTube, You’re Never Far From a Dying Kitten

Staged animal rescue videos featuring brutal violence and cruelty are racking up millions of views on YouTube

TikTok, in Deal With Shopify, Adds in-App Shopping

In a pilot program, merchants will be able to add a shopping tab to their profiles and link to products within posts on the video app.

Netflix Top 10: The Streaming Service’s Clickbait Problem Threatens to Ruin It

The streaming service has discovered the allure of clickbait. You won’t believe what happens next.

Invisible Universe Is Building the Pixar of the Internet

Invisible Universe believes that animated franchises can be born on social media, with the help of Serena Williams and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple Has Had a Successful Decade. The Next One Looks Tougher

An Unfiltered Look at Facebook

Your five-minute guide to what's happening in tech this Monday, from what Facebook's most popular content says about Facebook to a new way to manage your office life.

A Federal Lifeline for Local News

A bill pending before Congress — the Local Journalism Sustainability Act — is a thoughtful way to offer financial support to newsrooms without bringing them under government control.

Waymo's Self-Driving Cars Are 99% of the Way There. The Last 1% Is the Hardest

Trust Me, You Want This

Host-read ads and rise of parasocial marketing

38M Records Were Exposed Online—Including Contact-Tracing Info

Misconfigured Power Apps from Microsoft led to more than a thousand web apps accessible to anyone who found them.

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

“Terms of Service; Didn't Read” (short: ToS;DR) is a project started in June 2012 to help fix the “biggest lie on the web”: almost no one really reads the terms of service we agree to all the time.

Could Your Next Lawyer Be a Robot? The Legal Community Thinks So

DoNotPay works in a fairly simple manner—you tell its chatbot what your problem is, such as appealing against a parking fine, and in return, it will suggest what it thinks is the best legal...

How Google, Facebook and Walmart Stole Paytm’s Fintech Crown in India

The fintech giant pioneered digital wallets in India, but has since lost out to well-funded competition from abroad.

Will Everything on Social Media Be Shopping?

In one-part of this week's newsletter: I grapple with the industry moving toward faster lines of e-commerce, which is natural, for how unnaturally automaton-like the shopping experience will become.

BBC Inquiry Dismisses Rupert Murdoch Complaints About Documentary Series

Complaints unit backs makers of Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, except over section on Tory ‘sleaze’ stories

Elon Musk's 'Tesla Bot' Is a Shitpost

Musk warned the robot "probably wouldn't work," but judging by his previous promises and predictions, it might not exist at all.

Chart: The World's Top 10 Gaming Markets

OnlyFans Creators Scramble to Adapt to Imminent Ban

The announcement that OnlyFans will prohibit "sexually explicit" content starting October 1 has left many sex workers wondering what's next.

OnlyFans Has Tons of Users, but Can't Find Investors

Sex sells, but it also scares off venture capitalists.

Chart: Smartphones Wipe Out 40 Years of Camera Industry Growth

Green Steel': Swedish Company Ships First Batch Made Without Using Coal

Hybrit sends steel made with hydrogen production process to Volvo, which plans to use it in prototype vehicles and components

Facebook Is Sharing Data to Prove It’s Not a Political Hellhole

The company published a report on the most-viewed content on the site, which executives say "most accurately" represents what people see on Facebook.

The Best Emails From the Apple vs. Epic Trial

Please peruse this new archive of unearthed knowledge.

FTC Files New Antitrust Complaint Against Facebook

Today, the Federal Trade Commission filed an amended complaint against Facebook in the agency’s ongoing federal antitrust case.

Beyond Silicon Valley: Meet the Six Cities Vying to Become the Next Global Tech Hubs

Silicon Valley may be the world’s prominent tech hub. These global cities show why its grip on superiority is gradually slipping away.

The Anti-Influencer Model

Organic influencer groups are being formed at a time when consumers are experiencing “influencer fatigue."

What in the Absolute Hell Does Palantir Know That We Don’t?

The simple, creepy answer is œeverything. But its recent financial decisions point to some truly terrifying possibilities.

What Twitter Should Copy From Tinder

How a dating app solved the platforms' verification mess

Apple’s Double Agent

He spent years inside the iPhone leaks and jailbreak community. He was also spying for Apple.

What Scarlett Johansson's 'Black Widow' Battle Means for Hollywood

Two key dates stand out in the slender 19-page legal filing that sent Hollywood reeling late last month as Scarlett Johansson declared war on the Walt Disney Co. One is May 9, 2017, the day that a …

Flying X-Wings Into the Death Star: Andreessen on Investing and Tech - By Richard Hanania

Transcript of interview on how tech changes the world

BuzzFeed Clashed With NBCUniversal as It Pursued SPAC Deal

Find Out Which Groups Get Big Tech Funding

Google, Facebook, and Amazon have built massive influence operations, in part by funding an array of third-party groups. A new tool from TTP shows where the tech money is going.

Electric Cars and Batteries: How Will the World Produce Enough?

Reducing the use of scarce metals — and recycling them — will be key to the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

Watch: Atlas Robot, Partners in Parkour

Bad News — Selling the Story of Disinformation

Selling the story of disinformation

In the Streaming Wars, Sony Stands on the Sidelines

Forbes Media Said in Talks to Go Public via Magnum Opus SPAC

TikTok Is the New Facebook

The swift rise of the Chinese video-sharing app could have ramifications for all of us and how we live, both online and off, says author Chris Stokel-Walker

OP: 'Nature' Magazine Has Lost Its Way

Nature is a revered name in academic publishing. The journal was founded in London in 1869, and has since become one of the two main titles (the other being Science) that every academic wants to...

US Social Media Firms Face New Challenge in Afghanistan

Social media firms are split on how to treat content posted by Taliban as only some of them consider it a rebel group.

Tesla Is Under Investigation Because Its Cars Keep Hitting Emergency Vehicles

Federal safety regulators are investigating at least 11 accidents involving Tesla cars using Autopilot or other self-driving features that crashed into emergency vehicles when coming upon the...

Amazon Eyes Podcast Advertising Market With Wondery, SmartLess Deals

Conservatives want to treat Facebook like phone companies. It won’t work

From Justice Thomas to Florida’s governor, calls are mounting on the right to regulate Big Tech like common carriers. Here’s why it won’t work.

Lucasfilm Hires the YouTube Deepfaker Who Put Its Cameos to Shame

Dream job.

Email Newsletters Are a New Literary Genre

The financial promise of email newsletters has launched countless micropublications that have, in turn, created a new literary genre.

Does Disney+ Need to Absorb Hulu and ESPN+ to Rival Netflix?

The success of the streaming bundle has led some investors to call for an all-in-one Disney+ streaming offering. Is CEO Bob Chapek interested? "Possibly."

What Tech Does China Want?

Google Is Quietly Meeting With a Select Group of Publishers Each Month to Talk Privacy Sandbox Tech

A new regular meeting between a small group of top-tier publishing execs and Googlers is intended to give publishers a louder voice in the development of cookieless ad tech.

The Rise of the Content Capitalist

In Practice Beta V2

Facebook Is Obstructing Our Work on Disinformation. Other Researchers Could Be Next

The company’s hostility to academic scrutiny limits our ability to understand how the platform amplifies political falsehoods

Chart: Have We Passed the Peak of the Smartphone Era?

Why America Should ‘Buy American’ — From Canada

America can't reach net zero by 2050 without adopting a wide range of innovative technologies, including some from outside its borders.

Boeing to Ground Starliner Indefinitely Until Valve Issue Solved

"I know this is very, very hard on our NASA and Boeing teams."

The Co-Founder of the Fact-Checking Site Snopes Was Writing Plagiarized Articles Under a Fake Name

“You can always take an existing article and rewrite it just enough to avoid copyright infringement."

Apple’s Software Chief Explains ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone Child-Protection Features (Exclusive)

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