How Media Consumption Evolved Throughout COVID-19

EU Opens Antitrust Probe Into Google’s Advertising Business

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

More Bad News for Big Tech: Lina Khan’s a Privacy Hawk, Too

The incoming agency chair once likened widespread data collection to environmental pollution. What can she do about it now?

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and Tech Pioneer

"Marc Andreessen" by Joi, CC BY 2.0 Marc Andreessen should need no introduction, but I’ll do one anyway. He helped code the first widely used graphical web browser, Mosaic, which as I see it makes...

The Invisible Enemy: Cyber Terrorists Wreaking Havoc and Costing Billions

For Years, E3 Has Been Gaming’s Biggest Event. Is That Still True?

The summer event landscape has fractured, producing a sprawling delta of livestreams and competing events.

Memo: The Netflix Playbook 2.0

One hire can make all of the difference. For Netflix, Josh Simon’s role as VP of Consumer Products is key to the platform’s offense, defense, and long-term viability as studios become s…

Tech in Africa

An introduction to the continent's ecosystem.

Vivendi’s Universal Music to Go Public via Stake Sale

French media conglomerate Vivendi has finalized a deal to sell a 10 percent stake in Universal Music Group to a so-called “blank check” company set up by Bill Ackman’s hedge fund Pershi…

All the Ways Amazon Tracks You and How to Stop It

Amazon has huge amounts of information about you. Is its convenience worth your personal data?

The Fraught Rise of Silicon Valley–style Development Projects in Ethiopia

NGOs are pouring millions into startups, but tech-driven development could leave the most vulnerable behind.

Andreessen Horowitz and the 'Future' of Media

Where technology and venture capital intersect: A deeply reported newsletter on the inner workings of the startup industry written by Eric Newcomer.

How Roku Used the Netflix Playbook to Rule Streaming Video

Roku's rise in the streaming video world has mirrored Netflix -- and its strategy, focus and culture resemble Reed Hastings' company, too.

Facebook Is Copying Nextdoor With New Community Moderator Features

Nextdoor’s approach to content moderation doesn’t always work.

Virgin Orbit SPAC Listing Could Put Over Half of Branson’s Fortune in Unproven Space Startups

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit is reportedly looking to follow Virgin Galactic onto the public markets. If it happens, a SPAC merger would put over half of Branson’s estimated net worth in...

Cybereason: 80% of Orgs That Paid the Ransom Were Hit Again

The aftermath of a ransomware attack is costly, with 65% of organizations hit by an attack reporting revenue loss, Cybereason said.

The One Big Tech Bill That Could Backfire Spectacularly

Congress wants to stop most Big Tech acquisitions. But that won't necessarily increase competition.

Pacific Undersea Cable Project Sinks After U.S. Warns Against Chinese Bid

A World Bank-led project declined to award a contract to lay sensitive undersea communications cables after Pacific island governments heeded U.S. warnings that participation of a Chinese company...

The Athletic Will Not Be Bought by the New York Times

The New York Times was "looking into" buying The Athletic, but as per Sahil Patel of The Information, those talks have now ended.

A Hacker Tried to Poison a Calif. Water Supply. It Was as Easy as Entering a Password

On Jan. 15, a hacker tried to poison a water treatment plant that served parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. It didn't seem hard.

The Space Economy Is About to Get a Lot Bigger

Nielsen Introduces New Ratings for Streaming Services

The company known for measuring television ratings said Netflix and YouTube are far ahead of their digital rivals, but viewers still spend more time watching cable and network TV.

Google's Health Division Is Moving Some Employees to Fitbit

Google Health is sending teams to Fitbit and Search in a reorganization affecting more than 130 employees, Insider has learned.

The Creator MBA

Creators are businesses. Over time, they will start to act like it.

Zillow Taps AI to Improve Its Home Value Estimates

By employing a neural network, the company says its numbers will be more accurate—and allow it to offer to buy more homes.

Are Advertisers Coming for Your Dreams?

Scientists warn of efforts to insert commercials into dreams

Is Facebook Cornering the VR Market?

A recent shopping spree is giving some folks Instagram-in-2012 vibes

The Rise and Fall of an American Tech Giant

Kodak changed the way Americans saw themselves and their country. But it struggled to reinvent itself for the digital age.

Newsletters were supposed to be the Wild West. Enter Sheriff Google

The newsletters business is booming, and Substack along with it. But one big thing still stands between writers and their readers: Google and its mysterious Gmail inbox filter.

Facebook Seeks First Policy Advisory Opinion From Independent Content Oversight Board

It involves how it should handle private residential information.

Can Apple Change Ads?

20 years ago Apple seized music, and turned it into a lever for its broader business. It failed to do the same to TV, and lost control of music, but won massively in games, where it now makes more...

California Launches New War on Warehouse Pollution

E-Waste Will Go Down Because of COVID, but for All the Wrong Reasons

"It is a reduction, though it is not good for the world."

Why Is Ransomware on the Rise?

Attacks have become more lucrative and easier to execute thanks to corporate inaction and the growing ransomware industry

John Deere Turned Tractors Into Computers — What’s Next?

CTO Jahmy Hindman thinks autonomous tractors are coming in less than 10 years.

Amazon Is Blocking Google’s FLoC — And That Could Seriously Weaken the Fledgling Tracking System

Most of Amazon's properties including, and are preventing Google's tracking system FLoC.

AMC Stock: Insiders Sold $13 Million in June as Share Price Doubled

Executives and directors of movie-theater chain AMC have stepped up stock sales this month. Some haven’t sold AMC stock in years, and one sold for the first time ever.

Why Has Local News Collapsed? Blame Readers

Despite all the impassioned pleas to salvage local news coverage, the reality is there’s a demand-side problem.

Rupert Murdoch Slashes Value of the Sun Newspaper to Zero

News Corp says right-wing tabloid has no value thanks to tumbling print advertising revenues

How ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Services Are Driving Southeast Asia’s Super-App Battle

Major ecommerce platforms see credit services as an access to hard-to-reach consumers, and a gateway to becoming full-blown digital banks.

AI ‘Dominated Scientific Output’ in Recent Years, UNESCO Report Shows

The UNESCO Science Report 2021 discusses AI, robotics, Industry 4.0, and a spike in scientific research, patents, and spending.

Audi, Volkswagen Data Breach Affects 3.3 Million Customers

Audi and Volkswagen have suffered a data breach affecting 3.3 million customers after a vendor exposed unsecured data on the Internet.

Twitter Needs India and Nigeria to Grow. It's Running Into Trouble in Both

The news social media rules in India and the ban in Nigeria are challenging for Twitter, considering how sizable its growth opportunities are in both markets.

How Netflix's New Online Store Could Help It Take on Disney

Those Netflix-branded boxer shorts are part of a larger play toward banking on the streaming company’s franchises through merchandising.

Lawmakers Propose Federal Legislation to Stop Google Preferencing Itself in Search Results

The bill comes after a subcommittee chair cited a Markup investigation as evidence the company was building a closed ecosystem

US Tech Titans Would Have to Exit Key Businesses Under House Plan

Amazon, Apple and other technology giants could be banned from selling their own branded products if a new law passes.

SpaceX Mars City: Bezos and Branson Reveal the Flaw in Elon Musk's Vision of Space

The three billionaires are locked in a race to reach space ” but some future visions look more promising than others.

Opinion: Andreessen Horowitz Is Dead Wrong About Cloud

Well-architected cloud deployments can be highly successful compared to datacenter deployments. Cost is not the only metric for success.

How YouTube Changed the Billion-Dollar Toy Industry

McDonald's Says South Korea and Taiwan Operations Hacked

McDonald's said on Friday a data breach in South Korea and Taiwan has exposed some customer, employee information.

Zoom and Salesforce Make $23 Million After IPO of Israel's

Zoom and Salesforce each invested $75 million into's IPO, profiting as the stock climbed 15% in its debut on Thursday.

Flying Taxis Could Poach Passengers From Planes, Avolon Says

Airbus and Boeing watch out - one of the world's largest aircraft owners says passenger planes could see their wings clipped by the rapid spread of flying taxi startups.

Companies Losing 100’s of Billions - Global Chip Shortage

Hackers Breach Electronic Arts, Stealing Game Source Code and Tools

Hackers have broken into the systems of Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest video game publishers, and stolen source code used in company games, a spokesperson confirmed to CNN Business on...

Tesla to Launch High-End Model S 'Plaid' to Fend Off Mercedes, Porsche

Tesla Inc will deliver a high-performance version of its Model S on Thursday, aiming to reignite interest in the nearly decade-old sedan and fend off rivals such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and...

Is the Long Awaited Tidal Wave of M&A in Entertainment Finally Here?

Ever have a sense of deja vu? That’s one of my takes following the “massive month of M&A”. Because weren’t we just here? If I can take you back three years, to the summer of 2018. In the age be…

Sweden's Northvolt Raises $2.8 BLN to Supercharge EV Battery Output

Lithium-ion battery maker Northvolt has raised $2.75 billion in equity to expand capacity at the factory it is building in northern Sweden to meet increasing demand for electric cars.

Farewell, Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy

The price for Ubers, scooters and Airbnb rentals is going up as tech companies aim for profitability.

Ohio Sues Google, Claims Tech Giant Should Be Regulated as Public Utility

State Attorney General Dave Yost called the company's practices "discriminatory and anti-competitive."

How Etsy Went From Quirky Crafts Website to Glossy E-Commerce Powerhouse

Online shoppers once relished talking about the kitschy oddities sold on Etsy: Uno card earrings, a coffee pot lamp, hemp baby clothes. Today, Etsy’s sleek homepage touts minimalist ceramics,...

Apple in 'Early-Stage' Talks With Chinese EV Battery Makers for Apple Car

Apple is in "early-stage talks" with two Chinese companies about the supply of batteries for a future Apple Car, according to a new Reuters...

Subscription-Based Streamers Outstrip Ad-Supported Services’ Share of Watch Time

There is an opportunity for ad-supported streamers to edge into subscription-based services’ share of audiences’ attentions.

Facebook Will Show Creators How Much Money Apple and Google Take From Them

Facebook plans to launch a new payout interface.

Flipkart to Raise $3b From SoftBank, Sovereign Wealth Funds

SoftBank will reportedly pour US$300 million to $500 million into Flipkart through its Vision Fund II.

How Big Tech Made It Harder for Working Artists to Make a Living

How Big Tech made it harder for working artists to make a living

AMC's CEO Appeared to Be Pantsless During a YouTube Interview

The interview was the latest part of the company's strategy to directly engage online communities of retail traders.

WWDC Starts Monday and Might Be Business as Usual

The Fortnite antitrust trial concluded last month, but WWDC might be business as usual.

Chip Shortage to Last Until at Least Mid-2022, Warns Manufacturer

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

Why Subscriptions May Be the Wave of the Future

In an increasingly privacy-focused world, paying a premium may look more attractive.

Admit It: The Facebook Oversight Board Is Kind of Working

Facebook has agreed to follow some of the board’s nonbinding recommendations regarding the Donald Trump suspension. That’s progress.

A Brief History of Netflix Personalization

From startup in 1998 to today, a detailed history of the strategy, metrics, and experiments Netflix executed to develop a personalized…

The App That Monetized Doing Nothing

Inside the meteoric, chilled-out, totally paradoxical rise of Calm

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