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Steal These 3 Advertising Secrets–To Use as Motivation Hacks

Here are 3 psychological tricks from the advertising industry that you can adapt as self-motivation tools to build habits and reach your goals.

How the Work Ethic Became a Substitute for Good Jobs

Jobs have become, for so many, a relentless, unsatisfying toil. Why then does the work ethic still hold so much sway?

The Great Resignation Is Here and No One Is Prepared

Around the world, workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers – and bosses are still scrambling to figure out how to keep them

The Reality of Employee Surveillance Software for Remote Workers, Explained

More and more employers are using employee surveillance software to keep tabs on workers. Is this just a temporary fad or permanent trend?

The Death of the Job

What if paid work were no longer the centerpiece of American life?

What Happens When All of Your Co-workers Quit?

As a record number of Americans leave their jobs, those who can’t are working themselves sick.

Amazon Staffer Says She Was Fired Over Bathroom Breaks for Bowel Issue

An ex-Amazon worker claimed in a lawsuit that she suffered from a bowel condition and was fired before she could get a doctor's note.

Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Retiring Early on $870K in Arizona

How to Remember What You Read

The benefits of reading are negated if you forget remember what you read. This article discusses a tested system to increase retention. Learn how to use active reading to remember more from books.

35% of "Entry-Level" Jobs on LinkedIn Require 3+ Years of Experience

The Best Time-Management Advice Is Depressing But Liberating

The Shadowy Business of International Education

Foreign students are lied to and exploited on every front. They’re also propping up higher education as we know it

The Rich Hippie’s Guide to Happiness

Life isn’t all diamond-infused cocktails and teleporting to private islands, even for the rich and famous!

What’s a Master’s Degree Really Worth?

The desperate economics behind the pursuit of an even higher education.

Employee Work Tracking Is on the Rise

The Collapse of China’s Online Tutoring Industry

China has rolled out new regulations that severely limit for-profit tutoring services and bar foreign investment in private education companies.

The Bizarre Life of John McAfee – Tech Pioneer to Madman

The Zettelkasten Method

[Epistemic Status: Scroll to the bottom for my follow-up thoughts on this from months/years later.] Early this year, Conor White-Sullivan introduced me to the Zettelkasten method of note-taking....

You Don't Need to Work on Hard Problems

boring technology

The U.S. States With the Top Tech Salaries in 2021

In America, tech jobs pay about 61% more than the average salary. Here's a look at which states have the highest tech salaries.

How the 10-Second Rule Can Dramatically Change Your Conversations and Make You a Better Leader

Those 10 seconds can make all the difference.

Who Wants to Return to the Office?

If you started working from home in the last 16 months, you’re in good company. Over 100 million Americans transitioned from in-person to remote work during the…

The 23 Rules of Storytelling for Fundraising

As a Founder, you are the Chief Storyteller. Here are the storytelling methods we have observed in pitches that motivate VCs to invest.

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the 2-Way-Door Rule to Make Better and Faster Decisions

The 2-way-door rule is an emotionally intelligent way to strip away emotional clutter and build a bias toward action.

Why I Love This Epic Fail by Steve Jobs

A job application from 1973 illustrates the peril of judging a person by their résumé.

Office Politics Move Into the Home as Families Bicker Over Work Space

Too often, women are the losers when it comes to home workspaces.

Chart: Where Employers Struggle to Fill Open Positions

Visualization by County of Minum Wage v Livable Wage

Why Doesn't Software Show Up in Productivity?

Software is actually a management technology.

Hybrid Office Tribes Are Here, and They’re a Problem

The office cliques created by hybrid working could trigger major company culture issues

How to Escape the 'Productivity Trap'

We have a finite amount of time, yet we still strive to accomplish infinite goals. Why do we put this pressure on ourselves – and how can we stop?

Average Pay for Grocery Store and Restaurant Workers Is Now Over $15 an Hour

$15 an hour is suddenly the rule, not the exception, for U.S. workers. It™s a major shift from pre-pandemic.

Robots Are Coming for the Lawyers

Lawyers were thought to be mostly immune from the coming AI revolution, but two legal experts explain why jobs that rely on human ingenuity can still be affected.

Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t

You want to be productive. Software wants to help. But even with a glut of tools claiming to make us all into taskmasters, we almost never master our tasks.

Chart: The State of the Jobs Recovery

The 3 Phases of Making a Major Life Change

Thinking about your new life isn’t enough. Here’s how to follow through on your plans — even if you’re going back to old routines.

Billonaire Boys Club True Story

They were the sons of some of the most powerful families in California, never at a loss for money or kicks. Then they met Joe Hunt, who offered them the one thing they didn’t have: belief in...

How to Stop Procrastinating

Do you keep putting things off when you know you shouldn’t? Get going by understanding the psychology of irrational delay

There Are About 1 Million More Job Openings Than People Looking for Work

Employers face the challenge of how to fill nearly 10 million job openings with about a million fewer worker than there are positions.

Gen Z Teens Get a Crash Course in Pitfalls of US Jobs Market

With employers scrambling to fill job openings, Gen Z teens are stepping into the breach.

Why the Young and Jobless Are Rebranding as Funemployed

Un/employmenthood: As more and more young people struggle to find work in an economy ravaged by Covid, words like "funemployed" are making a comeback.

Is an Economics PhD Still a Great Deal?

Yes, but for different reasons than a decade ago.

1 in 3 People Say Return-to-Office Negatively Impacted Mental Health

Nearly half of people scheduled to return report feeling anxiety and depression related to their workplace plans, according to a new McKinsey report.

The Traits of Good Remote Leaders

A study based on 770 people over six months analyzed which sets of traits are more effective at different levels of remoteness, thus helping us answering the question of what are the differences be…

The Great Reopening Is Canceled

Your five-minute guide to what's happening in tech this Monday, from questions surrounding office reopenings to Amazon's epic fine.

Gorillas: The New WeWork?

Gorillas has hit a billion dollar valuation and is expanding across Europe. But it's not all rosy. What's next for the company?

An Unemployment Cliff Is Coming. More Than 7.5 Million May Fall Off

Programs paying expanded unemployment benefits are ending nationally on Sept. 6. It doesn't appear lawmakers will extend the deadline again.

The Rise of Never-Ending Job Interviews

Some companies are asking candidates to attend multiple interviews. But too many rounds could be a red flag – and even drive candidates away.

Minimum Wage Earners Can’t Afford a Two-Bedroom Rental Anywhere

The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour since 2009.

Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t

You want to be productive. Software wants to help. But even with a glut of tools claiming to make us all into taskmasters, we almost never master our tasks.

How Unemployment Insurance Fraud Exploded During the Pandemic

Bots filing bogus applications in bulk, teams of fraudsters in foreign countries making phony claims, online forums peddling how-to advice on identity theft: Inside the infrastructure of perhaps...

Cal Newport on an Industrial Revolution for Office Work

Why Retirement Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Progress Is a Trade

It’s easy to imagine that over there, just a few steps ahead, our problems will disappear.Pessimists, of course, are sure that instead of disappearing, tomorrow will make things worse.The truth is...

The Mission to Unionise an Amazon Warehouse

Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls is campaigning to unionise the Staten Island warehouse where he used to work. THE FACE joined him last month to found out exactly how he’s planning to beat...

Work Email Bingo

Farmers Always Worked From Home

Farmers effectively work from home, and in the past majority of the population was farming. What can they teach us about Work-Life Balance?

When Can I Feel Good About Taking a Break?

It™s critical that you take a break in between milestones ” unless you want to get stuck on productivity and run dry on creativity.

People Quitting in the Middle of Their Shifts Now

Workers interviewed by CNN Business said they're struggling in the short-staffed environment.

Now You Know: List of Corporate Titles

How to Fix the Mistakes Leaders Make Investing in Tech That's Causing

The CEO of Workhuman argues that the old model of work-for-pay, which focuses on trying to extract the best out of employees coupled with an abundant investment in technology, is backfiring on the...

Screened Out by a Computer? What Job Interviews Are Like Without Human Beings

What is your biggest weakness? You have two minutes to answer! An increasing number of companies are screening candidates using what's called "asynchronous" or "one-way" job interviews where a...

Burnout Is a Good Thing

As lockdowns start to lift, we have a rare opportunity to address burnout on a systemic level – and make sure everyone’s included

We’re Not Allowed to Hang Up”: The Harsh Reality of Working in Customer Service

In their own voices, seven customer service representatives reveal what it’s like being caught between abusive callers and demanding employers.

The Companies Sliding Into Workers’ Personal DMs

Work communication has certainly become more casual – but what happens when your texts and social-media inboxes are filled with colleagues’ messages?

Low Pay, No Benefits, Rude Customers: Restaurant Workers Quit at Record Rate

Are Your Favourite Fashion Brands Using Forced Labour?

‘Labour abuse is baked into the supply-chain model championed by apparel giants,’ one labour rights researcher said.

11 Important Lessons About Managing a Hybrid Workplace

We've learned a lot in our first month operating a hybrid office, and wanted to share those lessons for managers and executives thinking through similar questions right now.

Here's Precisely How to Quit Your Job

If you need to quit by Tuesday to give two weeks’ notice but your boss can't meet until Thursday, what are you supposed to do?

CEOs Made 299 Times More Than Their Average Workers Last Year

The difference between CEO and median employee pay grew in 2020 despite the Covid pandemic and ongoing relief efforts.

The Digital Nomad Dream Is Over

The pandemic proved that office workers could do their jobs from anywhere in the world. Companies don’t want them to

The Mindsets and Practices of the Best CEOs

The CEO’s job is as difficult as it is important. Here is a guide to how the best CEOs think and act.

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