Morgan Stanley to Bar Workers Without Covid Vaccinations From Offices

Morgan Stanley joins Blackstone and Goldman Sachs in setting conditions related to coronavirus vaccinations for workers returning to the office.

The Rise of the $10 Million Disc Golf Celebrity

How much can athletes really make in niche sports? A whole lot more than you might think. Disc golfer Paul McBeth set a new standard by signing an eight-figure endorsement contract—and his deal...

Japan Proposes Four-Day Working Week to Improve Work-Life Balance

The Japanese government has just unveiled its annual economic policy guidelines, which include new recommendations that companies permit their staff to opt to work four days a week instead of the...

Bumble Closes to Give 'Burnt-Out' Staff a Week's Break

A senior employee wrote on Twitter that the extra holiday was to deal with "collective burnout".

29 Psychological Tricks and Tactics Used to Make People Buy More

Japan Gov't Backs 4-Day Workweek, but Experts Split

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan's government plans to encourage firms to let their employees choose to work four days a week instead of five, aiming to improve

A Conversation With Abigail E. Disney on Wealth, Philanthropy, Legacy & Success

A Conversation with Abigail E. Disney on Wealth, Philanthropy, Legacy & Success.

What Is Going on at Yale Law School?

The prestigious institution has tied itself in knots over a dispute involving one of its most popular—and controversial—professors, Amy Chua.

Deloitte Tells Staff They Can Work From Home Forever

Staff working at Deloitte will be able to work wherever they want even when Covid restrictions are eased and work from home guidance is scrapped.

The Enemy Within

How internal competition can often be the most dangerous kind

Acing Work-Life Balance

These days, we relegate all the fun to the future, promising ourselves that when we can finally retire, we will play more, see our friends more, take our time, travel. Yet many of us are fast...

What Can Marketers Learn From Tupperware?

The surprisingly interesting story of an entire industry grown in living rooms

Are All Jobs... Bad?

When so many bosses, workplaces, and entire industries suck, it's easy to feel like looking for a new job is a pointless endeavor.

Private Schools Are the Real College Admissions Scandal

As SCOTUS prepares to hear another case about action, it’s worth considering the factor that really provides applicants an unfair advantage.

Amazon Workers Claim HR Executive Beth Galetti Is a Blocker for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Interviews with several current and former employees reveal Amazon’s pattern of ignoring racial bias complaints while also reducing its diversity and inclusion staff.

Toxic Work Environments Shouldn’t Be a Rite of Passage

“The ‘pay your dues’ concept is a trap.”

Bingo for Virtual Meetings

Seizing the Middle: Chess Strategy in Business

To control the game, one tries to control as much of the board as possible. At the outset, using your pieces to seize the middle of the playing field is a great strategy, because it gives you the...

The Amazon That Customers Don’t See

Each year, hundreds of thousands of workers churn through a vast mechanism that hires and monitors, disciplines and fires. Amid the pandemic, the already strained system lurched.

The Perfect Number of Hours to Work Every Day? Five

Research shows that five work hours a day can improve productivity and bolster wellbeing. There’s only one thing holding companies back

What Ever Happened to Sheryl Sandberg?

The Facebook executive, still Silicon Valley's most powerful woman, has a lower profile that raises questions about her future.

The Millennial Cadres Running China’s Neighborhoods

Highly educated and professional, the new generation of low-level officials is stressed out and frustrated about their limited career prospects.

Why Was Pre-Covid Unemployment So Low?

Here is a recent paper by Andreas Hornstein and Marianna Kudlyak, noting that when the authors write “current” they are (were) referring to pre-Covid times: Current unemployment, as of 2019Q4, is...

The Availability Bias: How to Overcome a Common Cognitive Distortion

We tend to judge the likelihood and significance of things based on how easily they come to mind. The more “available” a piece of information is to us, the more important it seems. The result is...

The Coming Productivity Boom

AI and other digital technologies have been surprisingly slow to improve economic growth. But that could be about to change.

U.S. Job Openings Hit Record High as Workers Quit in Droves

Facebook Extends Its Work-at-Home Policy to Most Employees

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will allow all full-time employees to work from home if their jobs can be done remotely.

Salesforce's Benioff Says 50-60% of Employees Likely to Work From Home

In an interview on Monday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said that the number of employees working from home will remain high even after the Covid pandemic ends.

Millennials Age 40 With No Home, More Debt Run Out of Time to Build Wealth

Companies Are Finally Getting Rid of Dumb Work Perks

Work-from-anywhere policies spell doom for in-house DJs, yoga teachers and corporate food providers

Forget a Four-Day Work Week. How About Seven?

Companies have spent years experimenting with ditching ‘fixed’ weekends altogether – with surprising results

City Bankers Would Rather Quit Than Move to European Capitals Following Brexit

Bankers in the City of London are prepared to quit their jobs rather than move to other European cities following Brexit.

Only 8 Percent of CEOs at Fortune 500 Companies Are Female

Apple Employees Push Back Against Returning to the Office in Internal Letter

Tim Cook is asking employees to return three days a week

Why Millennials Are Leaving Six-Figure Tech Jobs

The Rise of Remote Work May Reshape College Towns. Here’s How These Campuses Are Wooing Transplants

The Empty Office: What We Lose When We Work From Home

The long read: For decades, anthropologists have been telling us that it’s often the informal, unplanned interactions and rituals that matter most in any work environment. So how much are we...

Return to Office: Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Work From Home

Taiwan’s Punishing Work Culture Is Forcing Young People to Game the System

Name changes and serial marriages show the lengths young Taiwanese have to go to for time off or cheap food.

The Financial World and the Magical Elixir of Confidence

The financial world is a theatrical production, abundantly lubricated by that magical elixir of illusionists: confidence

Even LinkedIn Is Overrun by Influencers

The professional networking platform showcases everything gone wrong with the attention economy

Amazon Introduces Tiny ‘ZenBooths’ for Stressed-Out Warehouse Workers

The AmaZen meditation booth is a small room where employees can watch company videos about mindfulness while a small fan moves the air around.

A High-Resilience Org Chart

If ya know how to do it, stick with the bureaucracy. If you’re building software, it’s always new — you need a generative org with a resilient structure.

Uber Recognises Union for First Time in Landmark Deal

Trade union GMB can negotiate for drivers after it was recognised by the ride-hailing giant.

What Workers Want

Stanford economics professor Nicholas A. Bloom has been researching remote work and management for decades, and has been surveying companies all over the world during the Covid-19 pandemic-induced...

Why Brilliant Minds Like Jeff Bezos Embrace the Simple Rule of Scope

Learn to "define the scope," and change the way you work.

Sunk Costs, Creativity and Your Practice

“Ignore sunk costs” is the critical lesson of useful decision making. The thing you earned, that you depend on, that was hard to do–it’s a gift from your former self. Just b…

How Organisations Are Changing.. The Next “Next” Generation

The next “next” generation

10 Commandments for Great Startup Pitches

Ailbaba's Jack Ma to Step Down as President of Hupan University Amid Pressure From China

Jack Ma will step down as president of Hupan University, an elite business academy he co-founded six years ago, amid pressure from Beijing, the Financial Times reported.

It’s Time to Free the Middle Manager

Organizations no longer need traffic cops. They need leaders.

Why McDonald’s Is Supersizing Its Wages

Why Bad CEOs Fear Remote Work

Remote work expert David Tate wrote that when fearful CEOs talk about workplace culture, they’re really talking about workplace control. Their insecurities demand that the way work is done by emplo…

Are Work Requirements Dead?

Work requirements in welfare programs don't appeal to politicians as they once did, yet they remain uniquely effective tools for tackling both dependency and poverty. A quarter-century after the...

Where U.S. Tech Salaries Are Growing Fastest

The Battle for the Future of “Gig” Work

Ride-sharing companies are pushing to make a third category of "independent" worker the law of the land. Drivers say the notion of independence is little more than a mirage.

A Strange Moment for the U.S. Economy

Jobs are being left unfilled, used car prices are surging and the pandemic recovery is uneven. What’s happening?

Dynamic Thinking About Management Problems

In Profile: MIT Sloan professor Hazhir Rahmandad applies system dynamics to the study of complex phenomena from business organization to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Desperate for Workers, US Restaurants and Stores Raise Pay

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. restaurants and stores are rapidly raising pay in an urgent effort to attract more applicants and keep up with a flood of customers as the pandemic eases. McDonald's ,...

Trading Up: One Woman’s Quest to Swap a Hairpin for a House

Demi Skipper would like a new house, but she’s not buying one. Instead she’s planning a daring strategy of trades – and millions are following her journey

Why It’s So Hard to Work With a Creative Genius

Creative geniuses can be both a boon and a bane in the workplace, so getting the most of these extraordinary minds can be slippery for everyone involved.

Workplace Wellbeing Is a Scam

As conditions at work deteriorate, the number of 'employee wellbeing schemes' is on the rise – but no amount of self-care can substitute for a living wage, manageable hours and secure employment.

Why Do We Buy Into the 'Cult' of Overwork?

Overwork culture is thriving; we think of long hours and constant exhaustion as a marker of success. Given what we know about burnout, why do we do give in?

Where Female Entrepreneurs Are Most & Least Common

Why Restaurant Workers Say They’re Not Returning to Work

Amid reports of a restaurant industry "labor shortage," employees say all they really want are wages that makes the risk worth it

Are Men-Dominated Offices the Future of the Workplace?

As workers start trickling back into the office, men and women may not return to their desks equally. This could impact gender equality and advancement in the workplace.

Why We Gloss Over Great Ideas – And Invest in Bad Ones

Research shows people rarely assess the value of their own ideas accurately – and often jettison the best ones. But there are ways to avoid this mistake.

What Media Executives Were Paid in 2020 During COVID-19

Do media barons believe in shared sacrifice? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, several CEOs made headlines by voluntarily cutting their take-home pay or forgoing salaries. After all, the glob…

What’s the Point of Saving Money for the Future?

It won’t serve you to take an all-or-nothing approach to caring about money.

Is Extreme Working Culture Worth the Big Rewards?

Aspiring young workers in top-tier jobs know they’re signing up for gruelling, startlingly long hours. Are the rewards in jobs like these worth the crushing toil?

Opening a Small-Town Bookstore During the Pandemic Was the Craziest Thing We Ever Did

But twelve months of renovations and a few burst water pipes later, our dream came true.

Why Productivity Growth Has Stalled Since 2005 (And Isn't About to Improve Soon)

Productivity was meant to be growing faster and faster. it's growing slower and slower.

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