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  1. Trump Urges Overhaul of GOP Leadership

    #Politics Former President Donald Trump has called for a radical reshuffling of Republican leaders unless they take action, issuing an ultimatum via his social media platform.

  2. Concerns Rise Over New COVID Booster

    #Health In the face of rising COVID-19 hospitalizations among seniors and children, health officials urge caution on the new COVID booster shot.

  3. Barracks Conditions Shockingly Poor, Report Finds

    #Military A disturbing report reveals subpar living conditions in US military barracks, drawing attention to the need for improved treatment of armed forces personnel.

  4. Sunak Targets UK's 'Most Hated' Levy

    #Finance UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak plans to lower the inheritance tax, dubbed the country's 'most hated' levy, in bid to win voter favor before the next general election.

  5. Hollywood Strike Talks Advance

    #Entertainment Negotiations towards ending the Hollywood writers strike continue as top executives and the Writers Guild seek a resolution that could bring favorite TV shows back on air.

  6. USPS Worker Charged in $1.7M Check Theft

    #Crime A former United States Postal Service worker faces charges for stealing nearly $1.7 million in checks from the mail, in an 18-month scheme.

  7. Border Encounters Surge in September

    #Immigration Illegal border encounters in the US have seen a sharp increase in August and September, signalling an exacerbating immigration crisis.

  8. Israel Strikes Gaza After Palestinian Violence

    #Conflict In response to increased Palestinian violence, Israel has launched airstrikes on militant sites in Gaza for the second consecutive day.

  9. Ukraine Strikes Black Sea Fleet Headquarters

    #War In an escalating conflict, Ukraine launched a targeted strike on Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Crimea, reportedly leaving dozens of casualties.

  10. Shutdown Looms as US Debt Crisis Intensifies

    #Economy A potential US government shutdown approaches as House Republicans scramble to agree on spending measures, highlighting a deepening debt crisis.

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