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New Leadership in East Asia

In a strategic shift, South Korea and Taiwan have announced pivotal changes in leadership. South Korea's overworked doctors initiate a mass walkout, demanding systemic change, while Taiwan's diplomatic partner Tuvalu appoints Feleti Teo as Prime Minister.


Ant Group's Strategic Acquisition Move

Ant Group's acquisition bid for Credit Suisse’s China unit signals a bold move into investment banking, showcasing China's growing financial clout. This deal could reshape the competitive landscape and faces intense regulatory scrutiny.


Tensions Rise Ahead of Possible New Offensive

President Zelenskiy suggests Russia could launch a new offensive as soon as May. This potential escalation of the Ukraine conflict underscores the region's volatility, with global implications for stability and peace.


IKEA's Retail Reinvention

IKEA's strategic acquisition of struggling malls positions it to reinvigorate the retail space. By integrating co-working spaces and its signature Nordic cuisine, the furniture giant aims to transform the traditional mall experience.


India's Economic Surge

India's economy presents itself as a formidable contender to China's dominance, with an accelerated infrastructure transformation that promises to reduce travel time and bolster economic progress.


BYD's EV Supercar Challenge

BYD unveils an ambitious EV supercar, stepping up its rivalry with luxury brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. This move exemplifies China's aggressive push into the high-performance EV market, challenging established players.


Goldman Sachs Eyes Asia-Pacific with Mubadala

Goldman Sachs and Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala form a $1 billion private credit deal with a keen focus on the Asia-Pacific region. This partnership is poised to tap into the thriving economies of Asia, especially India's growing market.


Fosun's Family Consumption Boom

Fosun's Family Season concludes with over RMB10 billion in sales, highlighting a significant trend in booming family consumption and reflecting the potential of China's consumer market.




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Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with Peoples-Marion Bancorp, Inc. and The Peoples Bank╎federalreserve.gov
Joint Statement of SEC Commissioner Mark T. Uyeda and CFTC Commissioner Caroline D. Pham: Memorandum of Understanding Between the SEC and…   
Samsung’s boss avoids prison, again   
⇢ Samsung's boss, Lee Jae-yong, has been acquitted of all charges related to stock-price manipulation and fraud, allowing him to focus on addressing challenges in the company's chip business and potential political threats to his control of Samsung Electronics.




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Retirees Are Keeping Their Money Longer in Retirement Plans. Should You, Too?╎finance.yahoo
How Does My Individual Retirement Annuity Work Actually Work?   
Money in college savings accounts can now go toward retirement   
February Social Security Payments: Have You Received Your Check Yet?   
⇢ As retirees approach retirement age, it is important to monitor fees and asset allocations in their retirement plans, consider leaving money in the current plan or rolling it over into an IRA for more investment options and flexibility.


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'Supercommunicators' Review: A Guide to Better Conversations╎wsj
Four leadership lessons from Oppenheimer’s handling of the Manhattan Project   
When your colleagues are also your rivals   
Emotionally Intelligent People Use This Brilliant German Word to Turn Disappointment Into Motivation   
⇢ Robert Oppenheimer's leadership during the Manhattan Project showcased T-shaped skills, breaking silos within the organization, emphasizing shared responsibility for success, and the importance of having bosses who can remove obstacles.

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Wikipedia Current Events

February 25

Armed conflicts and attacks

Disasters and accidents

Law and crime

Politics and elections


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MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Feben, Rave Review promote looks for women of all shapes, ages and sizes╎seattletimes
In Milan, navigating the nexus of heritage   
Can Giorgia Meloni reinvigorate Italia SpA?   
Palermo's swagger and scruffy charm   
⇢ Giorgia Meloni's right-wing government in Italy aims to revitalize Italian industries and create corporate champions by passing a capital-markets bill to attract more listings to the Milan stock exchange and prevent hostile takeovers.

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Alcoa offers $2.2 billion in takeover bid for Australia’s Alumina╎marketwatch
Alcoa Agrees to Acquire Australia's Alumina for $2.2 Billion   
U.S. aluminum maker Alcoa makes US$2.2-billion offer for Australia’s Alumina   
Alcoa Offers to Buy Australia’s Alumina in All-Share Proposal   
⇢ U.S. aluminum producer Alcoa Corp has made a $2.2 billion all-stock offer to acquire its Australian joint venture partner Alumina, simplifying the corporate structure and providing shareholders with exposure to the finished product aluminum.

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Nikkei average gives boost to BOJ's case for monetary tightening╎asia.nikkei
1 Stock to Buy, 1 Stock to Sell This Week: Salesforce, Beyond Meat   
Morning Bid: Nikkei eyes 40000   
JGBs Rise, Tracking Gains in Treasurys   
⇢ The Bank of Japan received support for its plan to end its negative interest rate policy as the Nikkei Stock Average reached a record high for the first time in 34 years, providing a cushion against potential impacts of an upcoming rate hike.
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