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EV Record Sales Wake-Up Call

EV sales are hitting record highs, yet forecasts suggest that overall new-car sales will not return to pre-pandemic levels this year. A reminder that while progress is being made, there's a long road ahead in the shift to electric.

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U.S. Government Shutdown Averted

A 45-day funding bill has been passed by the U.S. House, preventing an imminent government shutdown. This temporary solution provides some breathing room, but doesn't resolve underlying budgetary issues.


Carlyle Eyes Medtronic Units Deal

Private equity firm Carlyle Group is reportedly in exclusive talks to acquire a majority stake in two medical device units of Medtronic, valued over $7B. This could greatly expand Carlyle's presence in the medical tech sector.


Pain Ahead for US Consumer?

Rising gas prices and an uptick in credit card delinquency rates indicate potential difficulties looming for the US consumer. Coupled with imminent student loan payments, we may see a significant impact on spending habits.


AI: Next Frontier for Artist Pay?

As tech firms begin to monetize generative AI, artists are questioning their share. There's a growing debate on artist compensation for AI-trained work, but no clear consensus as yet. An important conversation for the future of creative industries.


Walmart Reworks Corporate Pay

Walmart is restructuring corporate staff titles and pay packages to manage labor costs and simplify work structures. This could alter dynamics at the world's largest private employer, potentially impacting staff morale and productivity.

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Oregon Anticipates $40B Chip Windfall

Oregon officials project $40B in semiconductor investments creating 6,300 jobs. This significant investment in the computer chip industry could assure Oregon's place as a tech hub and contribute significantly to the state's economy.


Used Car Market Remains Broken

Despite pandemic-induced production slowdowns from 2020-2022 impacting supply, used car prices remain high. The pandemic's effects continue to linger in the used car market, making affordability an ongoing issue.

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America’s Golf Stars Cling to Hope After an All-Time Beatdown╎wsj
Europe surge to seven-point lead after 3-1 foursomes win   
Amp up the Ryder Cup Excitement With Some New Golf Gear   
⇢ Europe took a commanding lead in the Ryder Cup after winning the morning foursomes 3-1, including a record-breaking victory for Viktor Hovland and Ludvig Aberg, putting them ahead 9.5-2.5 against the stunned American team.

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Today's political cartoons╎theweek
Pepper...and Salt   
‘Irrational’: The Bloomberg Close, Americas Edition   
As community newspapers struggle, ‘heartbeat’ of Seattle’s CID remains steady   
⇢ The Bloomberg Close, Americas Edition, describes a situation or behavior as "irrational," suggesting that it lacks logical reasoning or is not based on sound judgment.

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UK minister concerned at disruption to Indian diplomat's Glasgow visit╎reuters
India-Canada ties burned by Sikh separatist flame fed in diaspora   
Murder Claim in Canada Is Only Helping India Leader Modi at Home   
At least 52 dead after blast in southwestern Pakistan at a rally celebrating birthday of Islam's prophet   
⇢ A British government minister expressed concern over the disruption of a visit by an Indian diplomat to a Sikh temple in Glasgow by protesters, emphasizing the importance of the safety and security of foreign diplomats and the need for open places of worship.
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