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Amazon Injects Ads in Prime Video

Amazon will integrate advertisements into Prime Video content starting next year, with a promise of significantly fewer ads than traditional TV channels and other streaming platforms.


Rite Aid Ponders Bankruptcy, Plans Store Closures

Pharmacy giant Rite Aid is considering a bankruptcy plan that could result in the closure of a significant number of its 2,100-plus outlets, in ongoing talks with creditors.


Tech Import Licensing Delayed by India

India postpones the imposition of import licensing for laptops and tablets following push back from US and the industry, showing caution to not escalate trade discrepancies.

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Venture Capital Surges in Deep Tech

Venture capital investments in regional startups focusing on Web3 applications, carbon control, and blockchain reflect a significant increase, highlighting the region's role as a tech innovator.

More: arabnews.com

Fed Trims Workforce Amid Economic Optimism

Despite Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's assurance about the state of the US economy, the Federal Reserve shows uncertainty, cutting about 300 jobs by the end of this year.

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Intel Slapped with New $400M EU Antitrust Fine

Intel faces a fresh $400 million fine from EU anti-trust regulators, following a court overturning an original 1.06 billion-euro precedent-setting fine in the long-running legal battle.


Oracle's Ellison Now World’s Third-Richest Man

Larry Ellison, co-founder and chairman of Oracle, is now the world’s third-richest man, thanks to artificial intelligence and cloud-computing advancements and market performance.


EU Trade Chief: No Decoupling from China

The EU has no plans to sever ties with China but needs to protect itself, according to the EU Trade Chief, illustrating the complexity of balancing geopolitical and economic interests.

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