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Spotify's Holiday Blues: Major Staff Cuts ++ Open AI Battle: Giants Clash on Future ++ Airbus Mulls State Support for A320 Successor Amid C-suite Shuffle ++ AI's Governance Paradox: Avoiding the Single Point of Failure ++ German Chipmaking Ambitions Hit Budget Snag ++ Electric Vehicle Market Outpaces Expectations ++ Platinum and White Sugar Prices Experience Notable Fluctuations ++ DocumentCloud ++ What to Know About the Purdue Pharma Case Before the Supreme Court ++ Coffee Lovers to Endure More Pain as Vietnam’s Crop Set to Fall ++ German Landlord Vonovia Sees Rents Rising on Worsening Housing Crunch ++ Supreme Court to hear major case that could upend tax code and doom "wealth tax" proposals ++ Canada's public broadcaster to cut 600 jobs as it struggles with budget pressures ++ Wealth Surged in the Pandemic, but Debt Endures for Poorer Black and Hispanic Families ++ 23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9 million users ++ America Ferrera says it was 'insane' that her 'average-size body' was considered 'groundbreaking' in Hollywood ++ AT&T Taps Ericsson for $14 Billion Network Revamp, Ousting Nokia ++ Tips for recovering from bankruptcy that you can start working at now ++ Remains of five crew found after US Osprey aircraft crashes off Japan ++ Former National Security Council Official Accused Of Operating As An Alleged Agent For Cuba ++ A 1976 check signed by Steve Jobs to Radio Shack is set to fetch more than $20,000 at an auction ++ Amazon bypasses Jeff Bezos, asks Elon Musk’s SpaceX to help launch satellites ++ Intel wins US appeal to overturn $2.18 billion VLSI patent verdict ++ Indonesia is Asia’s Biggest Climber in The World’s Talent Ranks
Student Loans Shift: Biden's Forgiveness Plan ++ Legal Demand Soars Amid ESG Disputes ++ Houthi Red Sea Incursions Trigger Global Trade Security Alarms ++ Swedish Central Bank Chief Flags Gang Crime as Growth Risk ++ Legal Firms Anticipate ESG Advisory Boom ++ AI's Open-Source Future Debated by Tech Titans ++ Asking ChatGPT to Repeat Words ‘Forever’ Is Now a Terms of Service Violation ++ Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and others issue a global call to action to denounce sexual violence at UN Summit ++ The renewables business faces a make-or-break moment ++ Why Used EV Prices Are Falling ++ Twilio lays off 5% of employees in unit activists want to divest ++ New South Korean statistics worsen dread over low birthrate ++ Sprawling casino and hotel catering to locals is opening southwest of Las Vegas Strip ++ Research: Agency clients favor programmatic over direct-sold ads, as confidence — and spending ++ Alaska to buy Hawaiian: Here’s what we know about miles and perks ++ Britain announces stricter visa measures to reduce net migration ++ Cruise faces fines in California for withholding key details in robotaxi accident ++ Green Investors Were Crushed. Now It’s Time to Make Money ++ How to cope with Argentina’s economic absurdities ++ Why politicians are angry about the College Football Playoff rankings ++ Quantum computing: IBM timeline could power up funding ++ Government Unions Love Democrats ++ Ryanair denies reports of charging a fee for digital boarding passes ++ About

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