Britain says border e-gates back in service after outage sparked delays ++ State Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California due to wildfires, construction costs ++ Arby’s Sued After Manager Found Dead in Freezer ++ Check Out The Harley-Davidson X 440 Entry-Level Roadster In All Its Glory ++ Bud Light Loses $19 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney in Shares Only: A 24-Pack goes for 3.49$ amid Less Sales ++ White House and G.O.P. Strike Debt Limit Deal to Avert Default ++ Counterfeit Drugs Are On The Rise Globally ++ Are lower-income Americans paying for wealthy consumers' credit card rewards? Some economists say they are ++ fidelityworkplace ++ Ukraine's 'Iron General' signals an impending counteroffensive: 'It's time to get back what's ours' ++ Opening Bell: 5.12.23 ++ China Industrial Profits Continue to Fall, Tank 18% in April ++ The Move Toward a Four-Day Workweek Obscures Low Pay ++ Casa Bonita sneak peek reveals what's in store for grand reopening: "There is no other place like it in the whole state, really anywhere" ++ AI scares the bejesus out of me ++ Twitter withdraws from EU disinformation code ++ Stored on Centralized Exchanges Hits 5-Year Low: Data ++ A Critique of Softwar Concepts ++ Markets are now betting the Fed will raise rates next month
Turkey votes in runoff election after candidates double down on nationalism and fear ++ SpaceX launches Badr-8 to bolster Arabsat’s satellite fleet ++ These are the 10 cheapest places in the U.S. to buy a beach house ++ Lululemon fired two employees that confronted masked robbers ++ Law enforcement determines Target bomb threat was a hoax ++ Inside the prison where Elizabeth Holmes will serve out 11 years - alongside a celebrity inmate ++ Biologists found 3 adorable female mountain lion kittens. Now the trio will have to survive the harsh urban landscape of Los Angeles ++ ‘One morning, I found a customer asleep by the toilets’: my life as a pub manager in badly behaved Britain ++ Saudi-Russia ties under strain over oil production cuts ++ Costco CFO talks eggs, nuts and meat inflation ++ U.S.-led Indo-Pacific talks produce deal on supply chain early warnings ++ Samsung's $230bn chip hub draws top equipment makers to Seoul area ++ Frozen or canned? Japanese companies try new ways to export sake ++ Ketchup inflation hits your weekend barbecue ++ Why major commercial real estate firms are joining resources to recruit Black student-athletes ++ The developers behind open source GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin say Nintendo sent Valve a DMCA takedown notice to block Dolphin's impending release on Steam ++ The emotional side of cryptocurrencies: do we buy by emotion and justify by logic? ++ Nvidia Stock Can Still Rise As Long-Term Growth Gets Priced In (NASDAQ:NVDA)


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