Intensity and insults rise as lawmakers debate debt ceiling ++ Google Co-Founder, Other Billionaires Subpoenaed in Suit Over JPMorgan's Epstein Ties ++ Hong Kong falls to 7th IPO market as fundraising plunges 52 per cent ++ Tesla and Musk Lose Ruling on Factory Union Issues ++ Apple wins appeal against UK's decision to investigate its mobile browser ++ The myth of America's imperial decline ++ These money and investing tips can help you speed ahead when markets shift gears ++ Farmers call on MPs to block U.K. deal if beef barriers remain ++ Where Home Prices Could Hold Up ++ Instant View: US Feb PCE price index shows inflation keeps cooling ++ Verizon snags $2.4B network contract with FAA ++ Fed’s Williams Says Policy Will be Driven by Data Amid Uncertainty ++ GM plans to phase out Apple CarPlay in EVs, with Google's help ++ Summers Warns ‘Too Early’ for All-Clear on US Financial Turmoil ++ Important Message For Bittrex U.S. Customers ++ The CDC is begging you (again) to stop eating raw cookie dough amid a new multistate Salmonella outbreak that has hospitalized 3 people ++ How the FDIC has set a ‘baseline’ for troubled commercial real estate ++ Tesla Recalls Its Semi Trucks Just Three Months After Release ++ Major League Baseball Begins a New Season, Buffeted by Change ++ Baby Boomers, You Need This Much Money to Retire Comfortably ++ 56% of Americans Think 4-Year College Degrees Not Worth the Cost: Poll ++ US senator Elizabeth Warren renews anti-crypto stance
Twitter Will Exempt 10,000 Most-Followed Companies and Organizations From $1,000 Monthly Verified-Status Charge: Report ++ Block Silent on Promoting Song About Using CashApp to Pay for Murder: Hindenburg ++ Opinion ++ The US Government Is Really Trying to Stop the Next Bull Market: Sells 9,800 BTC, Aims to Offload 41,500 More ++ California, three other states join U.S. bid to stop JetBlue-Spirit merger ++ Notorious judge strikes down ACA’s preventive coverage benefits ++ Elon Musk seeks China meeting with Premier ++ How a Trump-Era Rollback Mattered for Silicon Valley Bank’s Demise ++ Iowa’s Caitlin Clark continues to pile up wins — and money ++ China Stocks Seen Staging Comeback as Growth Fuels Risk Appetite ++ Threat of Hydrogen Greenwashing Stalks Europe’s Net Zero Plans ++ As interest rates rose, banks did a balance-sheet switcheroo ++ Large Tornado Hits Little Rock, Ark., as Central U.S. Braces for Severe Weather ++ The Illusive Pursuit Of Energy Security In The Age Of Energy Wars ++ Stocks Stopped Going Down. Can You Adapt? ++ The Contradictions of Sam Altman, AI Crusader ++ Scared to Bike in the City? Here’s the Gear You Need to Stay Safe ++ What's up with Charles Schwab? Stock record worst month since 1987 ++ Here are 5 things to know before the April 18 federal tax deadline ++ Britain’s FTSE 100 Index Is Back to Being the Poor Man of Europe ++ King Charles Won't Bridge Anglo-German Differences ++ Wall Street Bonuses Take a 26% Plunge


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  • Italy's Data Protection Authority blocks ChatGPT on suspicion of breaching data protection rules and for failure to verify that its users are at least 13 years old. (Reuters)
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