Apple Braces for Smartphone War in China ++ Walmart's PhonePe Launches Indus AppStore ++ The Fed's Eye on Inflation and US Growth ++ Japan Considering Tax Breaks for Tech ++ Banks Guard Cash Amid Fear of Liquidity Crunch ++ EU Aims to 'De-Risk' Relation with China ++ Hidden Gems: 3 AI Stocks Flying Under the Radar ++ Disability tech startups kill the cynic in me ++ The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, explained ++ Elon Musk keeps publicly begging celebrities to post on X and gets pouty if they choose other platforms ++ Waitrose turns to AI to create recipes for successful food products ++ TikTok is wading into South-East Asia’s e-commerce wars ++ Mapping the Sun Belt's brutal summer heat ++ Can Coach Prime’s Colorado team draw a record viewership Saturday? It could be a boon for Disney ++ Watch: National Guard Rolls Into Eagle Pass, Texas As Biden's Border Crisis Spirals Out-Of-Control ++ Runners’ Highs: Tech’s Serial Marathoners on Their Favorite Long-Distance Runs ++ Minnesota’s first Office of Cannabis Management director out one day after being named to post ++ 80% More U.S. Wind Energy Potential This Decade From Tech Innovation ++ NYPD Robot Gets Tryout to Patrol Times Square Subway ++ Watch: Florida unveils new high-speed rail line. What does this mean for the rest of the country? ++ An amateur astronomer caught one of the brightest fireballs ever seen on Jupiter. Watch the rare video footage ++ Where America’s Best Selling Handguns are Made
Russia's Fuel Export Halt Shakes Oil Market ++ NJ Presse Secures Křetínský’s Le Monde Stake ++ Egypt and IMF Merge First Two Reviews of Reform Program ++ AI 'Supercharging' Voice Scams ++ Tokenizing Real-World Assets, Not Just for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts ++ Walmart's PhonePe Challenges Google with Zero Fee App Store ++ Speaker McCarthy gives in to hard-line conservatives in hopes of solving government funding impasse ++ UAW strike could expand against car makers. But there are risks ++ Deep divisions over oil and gas industry role challenge UN climate talks ++ Who We Are ++ Правительство ввело временное ограничение на экспорт автомобильного бензина и дизельного топлива для стабилизации внутреннего рынка ++ COVID Testing for All: USPS Expands Free At-Home Test Kits With White House Support ++ The Slowest and Fastest American Planes of WWII ++ The State as Modern-Day Superstition: Unraveling the Illusions of Authority ++ $22 Billion In Student Loan Forgiveness For Defrauded Borrowers, With More Just Approved ++ ‘It feels unfair’: the UK childminders being refused permission to start businesses ++ CVS: Staffing issues close ‘small’ number of Kansas City-area stores Friday ++ A species of jellyfish carrying one of the most deadly venoms in the world is capable of learning despite not having a brain, new research shows ++ Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in North Carolina as coastal areas lashed with heavy rain ++ US to Keep a Distance From India-Canada Dispute, Signum’s Myers Says ++ Shimano recalls 680,000 bicycle cranksets after reports of bone fractures and lacerations ++ New Grand Rapids riverfront concert venue to be named Acrisure Amphitheater

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