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Nvidia’s Market Value Skyrockets ++ Stanley Cup Health Lawsuits ++ Nvidia Fuels AI Frenzy with Stellar Earnings ++ FTC Targets Avast Over User Data Sales ++ Alabama IVF Ruling Sparks Widespread Debate ++ U.S. Clamps Down on Russian Oligarchs ++ Your Evening Briefing: Nvidia Is ‘Printing Money’ as Stock Explodes ++ Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT ++ AT&T customers report a massive outage, disrupting phone service across America ++ Tony's Chocoloney sued by Milka over copycat campaign ++ Cease-fire between Israel and Hamas gains steam as U.S. envoy visits. Mediators report 'encouraging' signs ++ Companies testing 4-day workweek to fight growing labour crisis in Germany ++ Google Looks to Enhance its AI Generated ‘Performance Max’ Ads ++ Novavax stock soars 20% after company settles dispute over canceled Covid vaccine purchase ++ Don't look to Bank of Canada to solve housing woes, Tiff Macklem says ++ Spotify and Independent Audiobook Authors Face Off ++ Japan’s Nikkei Stock Index Hits Its Hit Highest Level Since the 1980s. Warren Buffett Made the Right Call ++ Farmers from 10 EU countries join forces to protest agricultural policies ++ Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund to Deploy $70 Billion a Year ++ US agents fooled a yakuza boss into giving them weapons-grade plutonium he thought would be sold to Iran: court docs ++ Turkish central bank keeps its key interest rate unchanged, pausing a series of hikes ++ How Do You Breed Climate-Resistant Kelp? In Australia, It Starts with AI ++ Lumina at Reynolds Ranch: Explore luxurious living in charming Lodi wine country ++ Lack Of Credibility Places US Deterrence Under Great Strain
Disney’s Tech Startup Bet ++ Jewelry’s Amazon Aspiration ++ Reddit Readies for NYSE Debut ++ Google Pauses AI Chatbot Amid Backlash ++ Boeing Reshuffles Executives Post-Incident ++ US Growth Persists Despite Inflation ++ Home sales rose in January as easing mortgage rates, more homes for sale enticed homebuyers ++ A Response to Professor John Mikhail on “Officers of the United States” ++ The Dire Cost ofDithering on Ukraine ++ Boeing Leadership Shake-Up After 737 Max Incident: But 'Will This Change Be Enough?' ++ Pharmacies nationwide face delays as health-care tech company reports cyberattack ++ What Type of Lifestyle Will a $4 Million Retirement Buy Me? ++ How startups consider whether big Super Bowl ad costs will pay off ++ China’s Hacker Network: What to Know ++ Inside the latest drama at Goldman Sachs that reportedly has some partners up in arms ++ Alabama IVF ruling raises complicated legal and political questions ++ Volkswagen recalling 261K cars over pump problem linked to potential gas leaks ++ Live updates: Intuitive Machines attempts first U.S. moon landing in 51 years ++ Supreme Court allows $2.5 billion Boy Scouts settlement with sex abuse victims to proceed ++ Sony’s PS VR2 is getting compatibility, possibly by end of year ++ Carnival Cruise Line makes a big main dining room change ++ Why are credit-card APRs so high? ‘There’s no reason other than greed,’ consumer advocates say ++ Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Designates Jonathan Mayer to Serve as the Justice Department’s First Chief Science and Technology Advisor and Chief AI Officer

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  • 2024 AT&T outage
    • More than 71,000 customers of US carrier AT&T suffer from network outages. The outage was acknowledged but no reason was given for their occurrence. (CNN)
    • Smaller outages are reported by some customers of US carriers Verizon and T-Mobile. Both carriers report no outages on their networks and say the reported outages are customers trying to reach users on other carriers. (NBC)
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