Goldman Sachs Hit with $6M SEC Fine ++ Federal Shutdown Looms ++ Amazon Faces Antitrust Lawsuit Threat ++ US-China Launch Economic & Financial Working Groups ++ McDonald's to Hike Royalty Fees for New Franchisees ++ Self-driving Cars Cause Traffic Jam in Texas ++ Nvidia's stock price feels the full September effect, suffering a $180 billion wipeout ++ Why changes to clothing norms are a point of contention on Capitol Hill ++ Chevron and Unions Agree on Deal to End Australia LNG Strikes ++ Bill Gates: 'Republicans for climate change action are gold' ++ U.S. diplomat discusses American policy toward Ukraine amid Russian aggression ++ 2024 Honda Accord: The Sedan Is Back ++ Sale closed in San Jose: $2.3 million for a four-bedroom home ++ Missouri high school faces criticism after crowning second transgender homecoming queen ++ Japan furniture retailer Nitori plans 20 Hong Kong outlets by 2032 ++ Escalating scandal grips airlines including American and Southwest, wreaking havoc on flight delays as nearly 100 planes find fake parts from company that vanished overnight ++ Biden aims to remove medical bills from credit scores, making loans easier for millions ++ Afghans who recently arrived in U.S. get temporary legal status from Biden administration ++ Want to save Social Security? ‘Speak out. Scream. Vote.’ ++ NASA scientists plan to bake, slice, and fire lasers at the asteroid sample from OSIRIS-REx to understand the creation of our solar system ++ First private US passenger rail line in 100 years is about to link Miami and Orlando at high speed ++ India to Reserve One-Third of Lower Parliament for Women ++ Bloomberg Wealth: How to Pay for College
Biden Offers Advanced Arms to Ukraine ++ UAW Expands Strikes at GM and Stellantis ++ Rite Aid Bankruptcy: Up to 500 Stores to Close ++ Microsoft & Activision Merger Gets Green Light from UK ++ Medical Bills to be Removed from Credit Reports ++ Russia Halts Key Fuel Exports ++ Nintendo Switch Mortal Kombat 1 Update Promised As Megan Fox's Nitara Draws Ire ++ CEO of DuckDuckGo Testifies in Google Case ++ Why the ugly Russell Brand allegations give ‘hiding in plain sight’ a whole new meaning ++ NYT's David Brooks Somehow Spent $78 On A $17 Airport Hamburger ++ Open House: Seized HK Mansion Listed for $112 Million Traces Fall of Evergrande Tycoon ++ Free COVID tests will again be available from US government starting next week ++ Well, actually: Our ‘Dumb Money’ movie review ++ Otto Group to use Boston Dynamics robots for e-commerce ++ Amazon restricts authors from self-publishing more than three books a day after AI concerns ++ The ‘Italian Roll’ and Other Menswear Styling Tricks to Look Cooler ++ Saudi Arabia elected ISO council member for two years ++ Trudeau says he's not trying to 'provoke or cause problems' as India suspends visa services for Canada ++ Costco recalls mattresses over reports of mold ++ When it’s time to dial down the volume ++ King Charles III makes a stop at the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral on his state visit to France ++ Canada's Stelco weighing bid for US Steel ++ NYPD Robot Gets Tryout to Patrol Times Square Subway

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