2 Florida deputies have been disciplined for texting friends about Bob Saget's death before his family was notified

The deputies who spread the word that the comedian had died were disciplined for violating the department's dissemination of information directive.

John Stamos 'Disappointed' by Bob Saget Tony Awards Snub

"Bob loved Broadway and I know the community loved him," said Stamos of his late friend and "Full House" co-star Saget.

Bob Saget's Brentwood home listed for sale at $7.765 million

Months after his death, Bob Saget's Brentwood home that he owned for nearly two decades has been listed for sale at $7.765 million.

Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget's friendship remembered by Saget's widow

Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget's widow, has paid tribute to her husband's friendship with the late comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Bob Saget's widow Kelly Rizzo shares a tribute to her late husband's friend Gilbert Gottfried

Bob Saget's widow Kelly Rizzo paid tribute to Gilbert Gottfried, who passed away on Tuesday. She shared shared a photo of Saget with Gottfried, Norm McDonald and Jeffrey Ross

Bob Saget's Comedy Store Memorial Becoming Netflix Special

Bob Saget's fans will finally be able to see the touching, and sometimes hilarious, tribute his close friends put together for him on Netflix this summer.

Bob Saget's widow rebuffs claims that the comedian's hearing 'felt off' and he 'had a sore throat'

Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, has rebuffed claims her husband wasn't feeling well on the night he died and backed a report claiming he passed on after falling and hitting his head.

Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, stands by autopsy report amid claim he felt ill

The Saget family’s attorney said the “records released tell the entire story … Bob passed away after a fall and hitting his head in his hotel room.”

Bob Saget's Family and Friends Dispute Claim He Was Sick with Long-term COVID

Bob Saget's friends and family say the allegations he was complaining about being sick with long-term COVID before his last show just don't add up.

Bob Saget said he didn’t ‘feel good,’ complained of long COVID the night before his death, report says

Before the former ‘Full House’ star energetically performed a two-hour comedy set, he said he had a sore throat and that his hearing was ‘off,’ a witness told police.

Bob Saget death: Authorities release photos of hotel room where comedian died

Saget's family had asked the court to block the release of photos from the hotel room.

Photos of Bob Saget's Hotel Room Released by Police

Authorities in Florida also released audio interviews with people who interacted with the "Full House" star shortly before he was found dead on Jan. 9 in an Orlando hotel room.

Bob Saget's Hotel Room Photos of Headboard That Could Have Caused Death

Bob Saget may have died after hitting his head on the headboard in his Orlando hotel room -- at least that's what authorities believe -- and they have just released photos of the object.

Orange County Sheriff's Office's final report reaffirms no foul play in Bob Saget's death

The Orange County Sheriff's Office issued its final report into the death of Bob Saget on Tuesday and said it will comply with a court ordered permanent injunction blocking the release of...

Bob Saget is seen healthy and uninjured in selfie with valet hours before his death

Revealed for the first time by DailyMail.com, Bob Saget appears uninjured and in perfect health in the haunting selfie taken by a valet who parked his rental car at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand...

Bob Saget's fractures possibly caused by fall on carpeted floor, report says

On Tuesday, the Orange County Sheriff's Office released a final report on Bob Saget's death in Orlando.

Bob Saget's Last Hours Chronicled in New Doc, Foul Play Ruled Out

Bob Saget's death has some people wondering if this was something more than a tragic accident, but new law enforcement documents reinforce the conclusion authorities found.

Judge permanently blocks release of Bob Saget autopsy records

The permanent injunction of Bob Saget’s autopsy records, granted by Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu, had been requested by the comedian’s family.

Release of Bob Saget's autopsy records permanently banned by judge

Bob Saget’s family was granted a permanent order that will block the release of certain records related to his death.

Bob Saget's family granted permanent injunction to block the release of records

A Florida judge on Monday blocked the release of certain records related to the death investigation of actor and comedian Bob Saget.

Joy Behar Warns Others of Bob Saget's Fate After Falling on 'The View'

"The View" co-host Joy Behar, who took a tumble live on air, reminded viewers to seek medical advice if they fall as she recalled the death of Bob Saget.

Joy Behar cites Bob Saget after fall on ‘The View’ set: ‘If you hit your head ... go to the doctor’

Behar used her “klutz” moment falling onstage to share an important message to viewers.

Joy Behar suffers dramatic fall on 'The View,' face-plants in front of audience

Today’s hot topic: The fiery redhead hit the ground hard on Thursday’s episode. “The main thing — just to talk seriously — when Bob Saget fell, he died,” Behar said.

Bob Saget’s Family Sues Sheriff, Medical Examiner & Blocks Release Of Allegedly Graphic Records

Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo and her three daughters filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Orange County, Florida sheriff and medical examiner’s office seeking to keep sealed certain …

Bob Saget's family doesn't want autopsy photos released. What would people be able to see?

Saget's family filed a lawsuit demanding relief from the media being able to obtain Saget's autopsy report under Florida's Public Records Act.

Judge temporarily blocks release of records from Bob Saget's death investigation

The family of Bob Saget has filed a lawsuit to block the release of records from his death investigation, court documents show.

Bob Saget's family files lawsuit to prevent release of some investigation records due to privacy concerns

A Florida judge on Wednesday granted a temporary injunction blocking the release of additional records related to the death investigation of actor and comedian Bob Saget.

Bob Saget's Fatal Injury May Be Headboard-Related, Cops Certain No Foul Play

Bob Saget's death is creating a mystery for many experts, who wonder how he suffered such a severe skull fracture ... and what exactly he hit -- but authorities are firm on what didn't happen, and...

Bob Saget's family files lawsuit to block release of death investigation records

Saget's widow and three daughters said the family will “suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress” if some records are released publicly.

Bob Saget's wife, daughters sue Florida officials to block release of death investigation records

Bob Saget's wife and daughters filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to block the release of materials collected during the investigation of Saget's death.

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