The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial is already getting the movie treatment

Is it too soon to turn the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial into a movie? Not according to Tubi. The streaming service has released the first trailer for its original movie Hot Take: The Depp/Heard...

Hispanic Heritage Month Renews Calls for End of 'Brownface' in Hollywood

Backlash is mounting after white actor James Franco was cast to play Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in an upcoming film.

John Leguizamo Outraged On James Franco Casting As Fidel Castro: “He Ain’t Latino!”

John Leguizamo thinks the casting of James Franco as Cuban revolution leader Fidel Castro is no bueno. That’s “no good,” for those of you who aren’t Latino. Like Franco. Dea…

John Leguizamo Slams James Franco’s Casting as Fidel Castro: ‘He Ain’t Latino! How Is This Still Going On?’

John Leguizamo took to Instagram to speak out against the recent casting of James Franco as Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in the upcoming independent film, “Alina of Cuba.” Variety confirmed Fra…

Sobbing Amber Heard tells jury Depp was 'howling' mad, frequently attacked her

Johnny Depp grew so jealous of Heard’s working relationship with actor James Franco that he attacked her on a private plane. He accused her of having an affair with her co-star.

Therapist confirms Johnny Depp kicked Amber Heard over James Franco affair

As we approach the two full weeks of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard difamation trial, there is still more information about her alleged affair with James Franco. On Tuesday, Amber

Amber Heard Psychologist: Johnny Depp Kicked Her During Fight About James Franco

Dr. Dawn Hughes, an expert witness who was not present for the alleged incident, argued the actress showed clear signs of intimate partner violence.

James Franco accusers call him 'completely insensitive' after interview

Oscar-nominated actor James Franco recently admitted having sex with students at his drama school.

James Franco accusers claim he 'downplayed' misconduct in recent interview

Two women who accused James Franco of sexual misconduct slammed the actor for continuing to “ignore their pain.”

Lawyers for James Franco's accusers slam actor for 'downplaying survivors' experiences'

James Franco's interview on Thursday - in which he admitted to sexual misconduct - was condemned by lawyers for some of the five women who in January 2018 accused him.

James Franco’s Accusers Respond To His Interview

Lawyers for two women who accused Franco of sexual misconduct accuse the actor of downplaying their “immense pain and suffering.”

James Franco Admits to Sleeping With Students While Talking Sexual Harassment Allegations

James Franco breaks silence, admits to sleeping with students from his acting school

James Franco admits sleeping with students from his acting school

The actor spoke at length about allegations of sexual misconduct made against him in 2018.

James Franco says he 'cheated on everyone' he dated prior to current girlfriend Isabel Pakzad

James Franco says he cheated on all of his past partners prior to his current girlfriend Isabel Pakzad, who he's been dating since November 2017.

James Franco admits sleeping with students and says he had sex addiction

Actor gives first extended comments about accusations that came nearly four years ago

James Franco Gives First In-Depth Interview On 2018 Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Addressing Seth Rogen’s...

James Franco has admitted to using his fame “as a lure,” sleeping with students at his defunct acting school Studio 4 and being “completely blind” to both “power dynam…

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