Judge: property sale will pay fallen Florida condo's taxes

Money from the sale of Florida beachfront property where a collapsed condominium tower once stood will be used to pay property taxes of the destroyed units, a judge ordered Monday.Miami-Dade...

Slideshow: Jill Biden, DeSantis at 1-year anniversary of Surfside collapse

Friday is the first anniversary of the collapse in Surfside, where a memorial is slated to be built in remembrance of the people who lost their lives.

Surfside families mark one year since Champlain Towers South collapse

Remembering the deadly Florida condo collapse 1 year later

It's been one year since 98 lives were lost when a condominium building collapsed at 1:22 a.m. in Surfside, Florida.

One Button Could Have ‘Saved More Lives’ in Surfside Condo Collapse

Seven minutes elapsed between the initial rumblings and the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside. But a security guard didn’t know how to activate the building’s warning system.

Small explosion at Freeport LNG plant in Quintana, reported

Quintana Island near Freeport remains closed to visitors after an explosion. No one was injured and all of the employees at the plant are accounted for. Surfside residents who live nearby said...

Best New Ideas in Retirement: A retirement safe from climate change? Ask the tough questions about real estate and...

Some 1,000 homes were a total loss and tens of thousands of residents fled the deadly December fire. The fire flared up unusually late in the season, kindled by a multiyear drought. Earlier in...

Surfside Condo site sold to Trump business partner for $120 million

Hussain Sajwani, the Emirati owner of Dubai-based DAMAC Properties, was the only bidder for the 1.8 acre beachfront plot. The families of the victims will receive the proceeds of the sale as part...

Surfside victims settle for nearly $1 BILLION after June 2021 apartment collapse killed 98

Surfside, Florida, condo building with 136 apartments collapsed in June 2021, killing 98 people. Relatives sued, with lawyers seeking nearly $1 billion for the value of the residences ranging from...

Tentative settlement, valued at $997 million, reached with families of victims of Surfside condominium collapse

A tentative settlement worth nearly $1 billion has been reached with multiple entities over the collapse last year of a residential building in Surfside, Florida, that killed 98 people, according...

Lawyers: Nearly $1B tentative settlement in condo collapse

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A nearly $1 billion tentative settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit brought by families of victims and survivors of last June's condominium collapse in...

Nearly $1 billion settlement announced in deadly Surfside condo collapse

Nearly 100 people were killed when the building collapsed last June.

Residents ordered to evacuate building near to site of Miami condo collapse

Second building ordered evacuated in North Miami Beach since collapse of Champlain Towers South last June in nearby Surfside, which killed 98 people

Building near deadly Surfside condo collapse ordered evacuated

A North Miami Beach, Fla., apartment complex near the Surfside condo building that collapsed last year was evacuated after engineers determined that the structure was not safe.  On Monday, the…

Florida lawmakers fail to pass safety legislation after Surfside tragedy

The Florida legislature failed to strike agreement on legislation targeting condo safety measures months after the partial collapse of a Surfside, Fla., condo building that left close to 100...

Florida fails to pass condo safety measures following Surfside collapse

The brother of a collapse victim said it was “shocking and disappointing" that the Legislature did not make safety improvements following the disaster.

Tentative settlement reached in Surfside building collapse

The Surfside building partially collapsed in South Florida last June. Ninety-eight people were killed in the collapse when the South Tower suffered a "catastrophic failure" While 55 condominium...

Tentative settlement of more than $55M reached in Surfside Condo collapse lawsuit

Families of victims and survivors of Champlain Towers South collapse agree to settlement. 98 people died in the collapse in Surfside, Florida, that killed 98 people. Three defendants in...

Surfside collapse exposes an overlooked threat: Saltwater rising from underground

Researchers are trying to sound the alarm about the danger rising seas could pose to coastal buildings.

A Surfside condo collapse grand jury report calls for immediate reforms

Save lives, not just money': Surfside collapse grand jury report calls for reforms, warns of further troubles

A grand jury on condo safety, convened six months after the 12-story Champlain Towers South building in Florida crumbled, calls for major reforms.

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