Clean Hydrogen Hindered by High Costs, Lack of Support ++ United Airlines Finds Fake Parts in CFM Engines ++ Amazon Injects Ads in Prime Video ++ Tech Import Licensing Delayed by India ++ Fed Trims Workforce Amid Economic Optimism ++ Oracle's Ellison Now World’s Third-Richest Man ++ Wells Fargo Preps for Wealth Battle After $1 Billion Turnaround ++ WGA strike: Writers Guild and Hollywood studios in ‘final phase’ of negotiations ++ Who We Are ++ Listeria recall expanded for ice cream sold to Floridians ++ Flying taxis could soon be a booming business ++ Ukraine's Zelenskiy stops over in Poland to award two volunteers ++ Minnesota's would-be head of cannabis regulation quits amid reports she sold illegal products ++ Pope Francis moved as Reuters photographer shows him child migrant picture ++ ‘These aren’t incidents, they’re attacks’: FAA investigates after 3 aircraft in Boston are lit up by lasers ++ Can Coach Prime’s Colorado team draw a record viewership Saturday? It could be a boon for Disney ++ Student-loan company violating debt relief settlement agreement: legal advocates ++ "Privacy Disasters On Wheels": AOC Blasts NYC Mayor Adams' New Robo-Subway Crime-Fighting Cop ++ Brightline’s high-speed rail service from Orlando to South Florida starts today ++ How India's rover findings of sulfur in lunar soil could pave the way for future moon bases ++ Tyson and Perdue Are Facing Child Labor Investigations ++ Artificial intelligence News
India Delays Laptop Import Licensing Amid Global Backlash ++ Union Deal with Ford Pressures Detroit Automakers ++ Rite Aid Ponders Bankruptcy, Plans Store Closures ++ Venture Capital Surges in Deep Tech ++ Intel Slapped with New $400M EU Antitrust Fine ++ EU Trade Chief: No Decoupling from China ++ Swalwell Dodges CNN’s Jim Acosta on Whether Menendez Should Resign After Massive Bribery Indictment ++ Canadian autoworkers vote on tentative deal with Ford ++ UK ministers scrap energy efficiency taskforce after six months ++ AI voice cloning scams on the rise, expert warns ++ Get Ready For CS2: Valve's Upcoming 'Counter-Strike' Release Date Announced ++ Even China's 1.4 billion population can't fill all its vacant homes, former official says ++ Things to know about California's new proposed rules for insurance companies ++ Were the 1990s Sexy? Designers in Milan Say Yes ++ Biden receives updated Covid shot amid rocky rollout, vaccine polarization ++ Uganda says it will mediate between Somalia and breakaway Somaliland ++ SEC Charges Privately Held Monolith Resources for Using Separation Agreements that Violated Whistleblower Protection Rules ++ Tropical Storm Ophelia lashes Mid-Atlantic with fierce winds, heavy rains ++ Shared intelligence from Five Eyes informed Trudeau's India allegation, CTV News reports ++ Lessons from the blaze that levelled Lahaina ++ A species of jellyfish carrying one of the most deadly venoms in the world is capable of learning despite not having a brain, new research shows ++ Tinder thinks some people will pay almost $500 a month for more 'efficient ways to find connections' with its 'VIP' plan

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