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Rio Tinto Charges Ahead with EV Market ++ Philippines and France Forge Defense Pact ++ Court Rebukes Trump's Immunity Claim ++ Walmart Withdraws Ads Amid Exodus ++ Small Business Job Opening Dilemma ++ 2 REITs Trading At Less Than 15X P/AFFO And Offering Double-Digit Upside ++ Walmart joins the growing list of major companies to suspend advertising on Elon Musk's X ++ Denmark Orders Military to Defend Israeli Embassy, Synagogues ++ Experts warn hidden risks of Buy Now, Pay Later ++ Pfizer's twice-daily weight loss pill joins a long list of obesity drug flops ++ Trump is picking a dumb fight that could cost him dearly ++ Charlie Munger's acumen, wisdom and irreverence: Investors mourn the loss of one-of-a-kind legend ++ The inmate accused of stabbing Derek Chauvin 22 times bizarrely said he attacked him on Black Friday as a symbolic connection to BLM ++ 'We do not have insurance. We have an insurance bill': Condos hit with 563% rate increase ++ Apple is doing its part to end green bubble shaming. It’s our turn ++ The fading legacy of Sandra Day O’Connor, a trailblazing justice ++ What Dogs Can Teach Us About Love and Grief ++ Uber Technologies Joins the S&P 500 ++ The 19 Fastest Shrinking Big Cities in America ++ 16 photos show how Queen Máxima of the Netherlands' style has evolved through the years ++ Hunting Russian submarines with former frigate commander, Tom Sharpe ++ For the First Time, Most Golfers Play Off-Course
WTO Chief Urges Climate Trade Actions ++ New Leadership for Social Security? ++ COP28 Climate Discourse Heats Up ++ Moscow Raids LGBTQ+ Venues ++ Digital Payments Triumph in Holidays ++ UAE's Masdar to develop 150 MW solar project in Angola-statement ++ CNN’s Chris Wallace Asks ‘Did Hunter Biden Outsmart House Republicans?’ ++ Local council in Brazil passes ChatGPT-written proposal ++ CNN Anchor Shows Off EPIC Beyoncé Tour Shoes ++ Mysterious new McDonald's concept set to open in Illinois ++ Amazon launches partnership with rival SpaceX to send competing satellites into orbit ++ Housing market outlook for 2024: Here's the good news ++ Banks brace for tough economic times in 2024 ++ Broadcom CEO tells VMWare workers to 'get butt back to office' after completing a $69 billion merger of the two companies ++ TikTok’s recent court victories show just how hard it might be to ban the app ++ EU, South America Trade Agreement Postponed as Milei Awaited ++ Britain yet to make the case for a digital pound, lawmakers say ++ How $100 billion mining giant Rio Tinto is poised to benefit from the EV boom ++ Teenager gets 3-year sentence for trying to open plane door midair ++ Ex-Wells Fargo CEO sues bank for $34 million in withheld pay, stock ++ NBA player contracts are skyrocketing ++ ‘Nick Drake’ Review: Troubadour of Desolation

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