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Ford EV Shipments Stalled ++ German Consumer Optimism Rises ++ Political Powerplays Impact Business Environment ++ AI Race Reshapes Tech Titans ++ Tech Downtrend Amid Elevated Expectations ++ Big Retail Moves: Expansions and Exits ++ Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $56,000, Yielding $157 Million in Liquidated Shorts ++ GOP senators propose ban on central bank digital currencies ++ Trump Says DA’s Hush Money Case Shouldn’t Be About 2016 Election ++ Can we break the ‘forever chemicals’ chain? ++ Macron won’t rule out sending troops to Ukraine ++ Biden says Israel-Hamas ceasefire could come as soon as next week ++ How green are electric cars? ++ US allows China to boost passenger flights to 50 per week as summer travel season nears ++ Accor in talks with Dubai Holding to fund Orient Express superyachts ++ Damaged Subsea Cable in Red Sea Highlights Telecom Vulnerability ++ Expedia to cut 8% of workforce in restructuring effort ++ US government may sue PacifiCorp, a Warren Buffett utility, for nearly $1B in wildfire costs ++ Chevron's $53 Billion Deal for Hess in Jeopardy on Possible Exxon Challenge ++ Argentina’s president condemns threat by provincial governor to cut energy supplies in dispute ++ Magazine Solutions ++ How to Celebrate Diversity Beyond Black History Month ++ Snap Map
China's Ethnic Tracking Exposed ++ Massive Toll Road Merger ++ Boeing's Continued Safety Struggles ++ Cyberattacks Disrupt Healthcare Services ++ Russia Expands its Political Repression ++ Automotive Innovation Accelerates ++ Google: Business Improving, But I Remain Cautious ++ Elon Musk makes ‘things good’ with California bakery after $2,000 pie fiasco ++ How Hong Kong's Richest Billionaires Made Their Money ++ The Supreme Court appeared dubious of state laws requiring online platforms to publish nearly all user content, although several justices suggested that the… ++ Living On $220K A Year ++ FAA closes Starship investigation as SpaceX seeks license for next launch ++ Broadcom builds a better SASE out of VMware VeloCloud and Symantec ++ AT&T reimburses customers affected by recent outage ++ Canada’s hope to be a global power in the energy transition needs a strategic push ++ Japan's SLIM wakes up on Moon after month-long nap ++ Spring forward this March at these 6 delightful hotels ++ The Rothschild family is worth an estimated $1 billion. Meet the remaining heirs of the legendary dynasty ++ Ye is accusing Adidas of selling 'fake' Yeezys that he didn't approve of and using contract clauses to 'rape' him as an artist ++ The Albert Einstein College of Medicine will become tuition-free for all students, thanks to a $1 billion gift from a former faculty member and board chair ++ This Is the Worst City To Live in America ++ Study Finds Increasing Time Between COVID Vaccine Doses Reduces Risk Of Myocarditis, Yet Cardiologists Raise Concerns ++ Norfolk Southern CEO received 37% raise following derailment

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