UK Retail Giants Cry Out Amid Theft Surge ++ Europe Pioneers Carbon Border Tax ++ US Squeezes India with Tough Stand on Alliance ++ Saudi Arabia Extending Premium Residency to HQ Execs ++ AMD CEO Reveals AI Approach in Chip Design ++ Market Stress Peaks Despite Averted U.S. Shutdown ++ To feel 'comfortable,' the average American thinks they need a $233K salary and nearly $1.3M in retirement savings ++ Congress Averts US Government Shutdown Hours Before Deadline ++ What Should You Do if Hotels Don’t Warn You About Strikes? ++ Posting about mental health struggles could hurt how a potential employer views a worker, study finds ++ Mourners hail dead Russian mercenary Prigozhin as hero of the people ++ Huge but glum: Poland’s opposition puts a million people on the streets ++ Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are making the right lose their minds ++ As new term begins, Supreme Court faces fallout from its rightward shift ++ I'm a Dietitian & These Are My Favorite High-Protein Fall Recipes ++ Federal student loan payments are starting again. Here’s what you need to know ++ Attackers set off bomb at Turkish govt building, Erdogan defiant ++ Walmart says is streamlining job titles, changes pay for corporate staff ++ What Social Responsibilities Should Companies Have? A New Approach ++ What makes a wine co-op work? ++ JetBlue may force American and Southwest to offer free WiFi ++ Onewheel electric skateboards recalled after 4 reported deaths since 2019 ++ The Poorest Countries on Earth ++ Just 11 people were responsible for most 2021-2022 school book challenges. A Virginia woman challenged 71 out of the 73 books she read
Kaiser Workers Anticipate Strike ++ UK Faces Post-Brexit Import Costs ++ Toys R Us comeback: Rises from Bankruptcy Ashes ++ 'Everybody should just shut up': Canadian Central Bank Independence Under Threat ++ S&P Upgrades Oman’s Credit Rating to BB+ ++ How Florida Rose to Become America's 2nd Most Valuable Housing Market ++ Matt Gaetz says he will attempt to oust Kevin McCarthy from the speakership this week ++ South Korea September exports fall at mildest pace in 12 months ++ I'm the CEO of a nuclear-fusion company, but starting out was tricky because I got famous on a reality-TV show about rich kids ++ Target closing stores, 3 dead in Roseville, MN boy's viral alien abduction costume: This week's top stories ++ Technology will not make the sport error-free, says Spurs' Postecoglou ++ Dem Lawmaker Who Pulled Fire Alarm Thinks We're All Idiots; Republicans Investigate Following Evacuation ++ The October 2023 solar eclipse is known as a 'ring of fire.' Here's what that means, when it's happening, and how to see it ++ What Our Phones, Cars and Refrigerators Need: More Buttons ++ After Decades of Pressure, US Drugmaker J&J Gives Up Patent on Life-Saving TB Drug ++ One couple packed up an RV and drove 1,300 miles to give birth in Virginia to escape the high Black maternal mortality rate in Texas ++ Credit Suisse, Mozambique secure out-of-court 'tuna bond' settlement ++ A Disastrous Start Doomed the U.S. as Europe Wins the Ryder Cup ++ Move over jet skis: The new onboard gadgets the ultra-rich seek for their superyachts are submersibles ++ Michigan Lottery player wins $1 million on Powerball ticket from 7-Eleven store in Fraser ++ Now That Covid Is Back, Should I Mask on the Subway? ++ Jimmy Carter turns 99, about 7 months after entering hospice care ++ NHTSA fuel economy proposal could compromise the EV transition: Auto Alliance

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